We’re having an animal-tastic time here in Southern France.

We’ve managed to spot a lizard in the garden and a frog on a dark harbour walk.

We’ve seen several dogs on the beach who could easily have been nicknamed Sandy.

Yesterday, we were entertained by enormous dinosaur replicas as well as the real skeletons of the likes of a brachiosaurus.

OK. The truth is out. We actually create our own entertainment.

Then today on another long beach walk we spotted several jellyfish. The thought of which frightened my son closer to death than any sting actually could.

He swore blind not to go into the sea again and not to walk near to the wet sand.

However, about an hour later I took this photo.

A boy rescuing a buoy.

That would be my boy.

The stick later became a tool in his newly invented game ‘Flick-the-dead-jellyfish-back-into-the sea’.

Further along the beach we spotted someone flying a kite, which from a distance looked like a very realistic seagull.

But the best animal-tastic behaviour of all was that of a deranged naked woman bouncing and flouncing in the very cold sea. All by herself.


14 thoughts on “Animal-tastic”

    1. It was a cross between hilarious and slightly disturbing. She really sprang about. At first we need to stare of course, and try to work out if she had some tiny item of clothing on, that being wet and incredibly small was ‘invisible’ from a distance. But on closer inspection our suspicions were confirmed – naked.

      Luckily Akasha was at a different part of the beach, she’d probably have asked if she was a mermaid who’d just got her legs.

    1. He spent quite a lot of time trying to put it back in the water. Of course, it kept being washed straight back onto the shore. He’s decided to “try again” tomorrow. 🙂

  1. Simple things – great amusement. Oh to have the courage to prance naked in the sea, so don’t disillusion and tell me she was a little bit crazy, I’d much rather think of her as brave and adventurous.
    Flicking dead jellyfish back into the sea with a stick – played this game, tons of fun 🙂 Sounds like you’re having a lovely holiday

    1. I agree with the brave and adventurous part, but she must be at least a little mad – the water was freezing on that day.

      I think my son also enjoyed flicking the jellyfish. 😉

      We are having a fabulous time. Don’t forgot the cake – delicious. We’ve bought so much now we’ll have to eat it twice daily 😉

  2. The dinosaurs look awsome, where did you find them???

    And your son is right to be weary of jelly fish, some of them can give you some super nasty stings/rashes, especially the smaller ones. I got stung once stepping on a fish with some type of sting sticking out of the sand in the Atlantic ocean. Since then, I can’t stand going into the ocean water. And the water here is way too cold anyway so I don’t miss a thing!

    1. The dinosaurs are amazing. Here’s the link:

      The outdoor museum really impressed me. It’s beautifully laid out and well worth a visit. Also in comparison to a lot of other sites around here, it’s pretty cheap.

      It’s definitely worth being careful. We tried to find the same fish on the internet when we came back to the flat but really we have no idea what we’re dealing with. There are quite a lot of them on the beach now – probably because of the storms.

      1. Oh my gosh, what a great place!!! It’s too bad it’s so far away from where my family lives because my kids would LOVE it. I’ll bookmark and maybe we’ll make our way down there some day. I had no idea they ever found dinosaur remains in France, so this is really great!

  3. It sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. There’s you blogging about ‘real’ things…. Makes my ‘blogging about men, men and men’ rather insignificant….

    But then again…… Enjoy France! Any nice men there too?

    1. I’ll need to catch up on your blog as soon as I come back – all those men :-).

      Yes, I am having a lot of fun Jamie – we’re heading to Geneva tomorrow to visit friends and break up the journey home.

      Men, well my hubby is pretty nice! I did spot a couple of nice looking Frenchmen this afternoon though. 😉

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