Greetings from the beach

First day, (well you can’t count the twelve-hour travel day, can you?) and the weather has been exceptionally nice. So we hit the beach.

We’ve entertained ourselves the kids building sand castles with moats, collecting shells, jumping waves and burying each other in the sand.

It’s been warm enough to wear our bathing suits. Cold enough to make our nipples stand to attention.

And we’ve loved every minute of it.

Even the bit when the two middle ones got all possessive over a stick and ended up shouting and throwing sand and sea water in each others faces.

Up to the bit when, as I dozed at the table over a game of ludo, and my husband dozed on the sofa, one of the scarily awake kids (does the sea air only knock out pre-forties grown ups?) smashed my wine glass, sending shattered fragments in every direction. One tiny shard actually managed to skim past my hand cutting it on its journey.

I sat slightly taken aback at the sheer surprise as my blood trickled.

And somewhat sorrowful.

It was the last drop of wine.

28 thoughts on “Greetings from the beach”

  1. I so love the beach and miss it from growing up in CA. Thought it was wonderful to eat picnic sandwiches with sand mixed in from the wind and have sand in places you know it isn’t good for it to be in. Sorry about your wine, though, but hope it was good all in all.

    1. I totally love it Renee. I too really miss the sea and the beach having lived in Scotland for most of my life. So for me, this is all a really special treat.

  2. Glad you are enjoying the seaside. There is nothing more restorative than being at the ocean…..i am enjoying it vicariously through you; sorry about your wine/wineglass/cut!

    1. You’re absolutely right, it’s totally rejuvinating. Nice to know I’m spreading the restorative properties of the seaside. 😉

      We all knew we’d break at least one glass while here. It’s our trademark. She could have waited until I’d emptied it though!!!

  3. Do you mean you only bought one bottle of wine?!! Horrors! Hurry, hurry to the shops. it was glorious yesterday, wasn’t it – and looks like it will be again today.

    1. We did. Shame on us. We plan to buy, cough, *a lot* more but we’d just arrived and had to buy a few emergency bits and pieces. Supposedly the shops were shut yesterday, are open only for a short time today and then are closed again tomorrow. But on Wednesday it’s business as usual again. It was beautiful yesterday. Perfect for a whole da at the beach.

  4. Better buy more than one bottle of wine next time – you have to be prepared for all eventualities Sarah! Hope the hand wasn’t cut too badly.

    1. Isn’ t it? Really glorious. November has started as I’m writing this though, and it’s supposed to rain this afternoon. I hope that’s not a sign of the things to come.

      1. Last night we ‘popped in’ to a wine tasting. My husband was the driver so I was the designated taster. I came out with a nice warm feeling inside!! We’ll have to go again though so we can buy some wine to take home!

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