Night terror

I’ve been chased out of my bed by a shitty mosquito.

It’s been buzzing around my head, threatening to fulfil its vampire instincts the minute I drop off.

I know where it’s planning to leave me with a great big spot. On my face. Which I will then, of course, have an allergic reaction to, resulting in me growing an extra head.

I’ve tried informing it that I really need my beauty sleep. My husband and I have a once in a lifetime date on Saturday night and I’m already starting to put him off with my red, shiny, dripping nose. My loud sneezes. And the hoarse throat that has been coming and going for the past week.

Begging has done me no good. The evil parasite just zoomed by my head some more.

So now I’m going with the ‘open the bedroom door and leave the hall light on’ plan. In the hope of tricking the merciless one into thinking there are even more bloodsucking opportunities out there. Somewhere over the rainbow. Or even, beyond that light.

Are mosquitoes even attracted to light?

Could just be moths…

29 Replies to “Night terror”

  1. Not sure the light thing will work…plus there may be more in the hall just waiting to come into the room….alas have you tried one of those mosquito nets? Good Luck! 🙂

    1. Argh!! I’m so glad I read your comment after I got up this morning!!

      We’ve got special nets on the windows and patio doors but not on our bed. Hubby is mega allergic o dust and they collect dust. (Actually, how he survives in this house is a miracle).

      My plan worked. No idea why, maybe it went looking for me and couldn’t find me (I’d cleverly shut the living room door, creating a barrier between us). Or maybe it found a young juicy child instead.

    1. 🙂

      It did leave the room, or so I thought…

      … Now I’m starting to wonder if I intoxicated it with my wine and whiskey breath. (I know it’s a school night, but I had to help a friend celebrate her birthday, and the whiskey, that was medicinal).

  2. Both Kiwi Daughter and I are allergic to mosquitoes and swell up like painful itchy balloons.
    It’s not a cheap solution but we have installed screens over much of the house because I figured it was cheaper than the misery of the bites and cost tons of creams and anti-itch lotions and Himself quickly got the message that if there were mosquitoes going after me all night then he would be expected to get up and help stamp them out, ….since he actually *likes* sleeping, screens worked their way to the top of our D.I.Y budget faster than you can say ‘sleepless for a week”.
    Since the bloodsucking beasties still manage to get in sometimes, we also have a few citronella oil thingys that you plug into an electrical socket.
    You switch it on and it emits a soft lemon smell that mosquitoes apparently hate. YES it DOES work too! Normally the mosquitoes don’t even bother to go for Himself, (seems the allergic ones are tastier) but by chance we had one buzzing for the first time this year, just this week and when I put the citronella in the socket on my side of the bed it actually specifically targeted Himself instead.
    Luckily Himself has longer arms than the beastie bargained for and it met it’s end on the second swipe. Revenge is always sweet when mosquitoes are concerned.

    1. I had two bites on my ankle last week (after working in the evening in the garden) and my ankle was swollen from one side of the bone to the other. It actually became very painful to walk!

      We have the screens too, all over the house, they are very good. They also keep out a lot of dirty flies. But they sometimes sneak in when someone opens the front door.

      I didn’t know about the citronella oil things, I’ll have to have a look for those!! Top tip.

      I think they do bite the allergic ones more. My husband is not allergic and cannot see what all the fuss is about.

  3. Bugs! They don’t usually bother me much during the day, but if they circle round at night in the dark of the bedroom – truly horrible!

    1. I could hear it but just not see it. They’re quite hard to see when they are flying anyway I find, but in the dark it’s much worse. You know they’re out there waiting to bite you.

      I’m not good with bugs at all, to be honest. 😦

  4. Aaaargh – hate that! I think they go for the heat, don’t they? So not the light, but the heat. I think they’d hang about the heat of the globe. I feel for you!

    1. You could be right there!!

      I found it the next day. It thought we all looked juicy, sitting together at the dinner table. And I got it!! Was for sure one of the last ones of the year because the temperature has really dropped now.

  5. I think it’s mainly from scent and heat. I’m not allergic to them, but it still hurts when they bite and they’re annoying as heck.

  6. Sarah, I have always slept with my entire body covered, from toe to top of head. I think it has to do with those nasty old Daddy times… whatever, but when the family vacationed in New Jersey, where the mosquitoes are so crafty, people double-screen their window and the buggers STILL get in, I was the only person who emerged the next morning bite-free. For some reason, they only loomed at night.

    When you DO finally get the little vampire bastard, I hope you squash it especially well and leave the spotch as a message to other mosquitos. Until then, I’m thinking mosquito netting for your bed. Actually very romantic – reminiscent of 40s movies. Then put on your silkiest negligee and it’s guaranteed your hub will ignore your red nose and dive in with you!! THanks for a real belly laugh!! Amy

    1. We have screens too. I think that one sneaked in the door as someone opened it. I’m sure it had just been hovering and waiting… They know how to nail their prey.

      I totally love your comment – really made me laugh – so thank you.

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