First Interview

Right now, my baby is having her very first job interview.

Not my licklest baby. She’s downstairs smearing the furniture some bread with nutella.

Not the one with the biggest feet. She’s watching a pizza baking.

No. I’m talking about my eldest baby. (She’ll always be my baby). She’s off to the library being interviewed for a job, working with her most favourite things. Books.

Good luck, honey. In case you can’t tell, I’m thinking of you.

If you should succeed, here’s some friendly, motherly advice:

  • No, I don’t expect rent from a 16€ a week job (though I did find it sweet that you asked).
  • You should not read the books while you work, you’ll find yourself lost, not responding to the customers, and not doing any work.
  • You should come home after your shift.

On your way home only borrow a handful of ‘good looking books’ otherwise you’ll be in danger of:

  • Breaking your back.
  • Not leaving any books for other customers.

Once you are home you should:

  1. Kiss your mother.
  2. Make the dinner Eat your dinner.
  3. Do your homework.

And not read the 15 books you brought home with you!!


20 thoughts on “First Interview”

    1. Your crossing worked! (Though she reckons she impressed them :-))

      She loved it. She said the people were really nice, they showed her around and she got to try out some of the work, which she really liked.

      I’m suspecting she may move in there. Guess where she went right after leaving (supposed to be on her way home)? To the BOOKSHOP.

  1. Congratulations to your daughter! She definitely seems like the right fit for the job.

    I’d love to work in a giant library, or a giant bookstore but I’m not sure I’d be good at it. As you warned your daughter, she shouldn’t read on the job and I know I’d be doing that constantly, and look annoyed when customers interrupt my reading with their questions…

    1. LOL!!

      You and my daughter would get on wonderfully. Actually, you would both just sit quietly together and read. There’d be the odd gasp or giggle and that would be it.

      Thanks for your congratulations – I’ll be sure to pass them on!!

  2. My daughter too would love to work in a library or giant book store – books are her passion. Congratulations on your daughter getting the job – now you just watch how she grows 🙂

    1. Thank you!!

      It feels like a big step, my first born starting her first job. I’m really happy for her. It really is a dream job for her. She’s actually even been talking recently of studying literature. Perfect.

  3. I worked my way through college in the library. I did not steal any books, nor did I smear them with nutella. In fact, I don’t even know what that is unlesss it is nut butter? Great job. Hope she suceeds. Dianne

    1. Nutella is a kind of sweet spread made form hazelnuts. It’s horrible. OK 5 people in this house like it. Which means only I don’t. It’s extremely smeary and extremely brown so I suspect you would have lost your library job had you smeared it on the books. Unless you’re good at hiding things.

      I helped out in the school library and I really enjoyed it. Her jobs even better as she’s getting paid for it.

      It is a great job. I’m really glad she got it.

  4. One of my favourite places in the whole world is the library. I visit the library every fortnight (well that is I move between the four libraries in my district so I don’t run out of books)

    What a lucky lucky girl she would be to get this job – fingers crossed and love her offer to pay rent, how sweet 🙂

    1. She really is lucky, especially because of her passionate love of books.

      I thought it was sweet too, though she was visibly pleased when I told her I don’t require any rent. 😉

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