The Thrill of Anticipation

I am excited.

Really excited.

I mean excited excited.

NO!! Not that kind of excited!

Deary me!

If you’ve been pouring-over inspecting spellbound by paying any attention at all to my 101 list, then you will know that I have a burning desire to take part in a Murder Mystery Dinner.

And my wish ladies and gents…

… Is about to come true.

Did I mention that I’m excited?

Just a teensy-weensy bit?

So much so that I’m even dreaming about it now:

Last night I received a little piece of paper whilst sitting at the dinner table stating: “Killer”.

Thrown into the forefront of the production, with the flow of the apéritif, I began to feel quite proud as my tongue loosened (strangely in English, although I had been expecting a German masterpiece).

Then I ballsed-it-all-up during the first murder. Doing an impression of stabbing another guest (plain for all to see) at ‘The Sicilian Wedding’. Who then, in turn, dramatically fell to the floor.

Luckily I woke up before further embellishing on my own disaster-piece.

So my big break the big day is THIS Saturday. We are invited to have paid an extortionate amount of money to attend a Sicilian Wedding.

We can dress up. 🙂

Like proper wedding guests.

And the whole thing will take place around us. The drama won’t finish until we can successfully discover the killer.

Plus included in the price is a three course slap up dinner. And an apéritif. But I guess we have to pay extra for glugging back the wine.

Did I tell you yet, that I’m excited?


This message will self-destruct in 5,4,3…

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

You have been experiencing a drought.

Meaning: I have been enduring a lack of opportunity for outpouring.

Thus I have been gathering data.

Thinking thoughts.

Analyzing absurdities adventures.

Taking notes.

Mental notes.

OK, some are scattered around on little bits of paper.

All around.

It’s a bloody mess.

*Organized chaos.*

You have been experiencing a drought.

Await a flood.

In the near future.

You have been warned…