Your Stories Request

A few years ago I remember my eldest, Joni, coming home from school and asking me about my most embarrassing moments. Some kind of new age homework…

I prattled on for half an hour, then she finally interrupted me and said, “Actually Mum, I only need one example!”


A recent post I wrote resulted in a couple of bloggers revealing some hair-raising hysterical stories of their own.

Slowvelder started it:

Too funny! Reminds me of the time my daughter told her kindergarten teacher about the huge cockroaches at our house. (She was thinking peacocks!). I hope your kindergarten teacher is prepared :)

I then went on to tell one of my embarrassing stories, which goes something like this:

When I lived in Scotland, I used to look forward to parent evenings. They took ten minutes and in general those were gushy minutes of: Look at how cute her pictures are! What’s that supposed to be? Along with proud smiles at red ticks and smiley stickers. And teary-eyed laughter at entertaining snippets of our lives and little stories in ‘The Writing Book’.

Until that is, Joni (my eldest) ruined it all.

(OK, I do admit, I didn’t write all of this in my return comment to Slowvelder).

I had as usual, enthused over her drawings. Felt contentment because of her perfectly calculated sums.

I lifted ‘The Writing Book’ filled, Ladies and Gentlemen, with hope. With pride. With naiveté.

I read through the sentences, at the start with a smile.

“Mummy and I went to the park.”

“I ate a cheese sandwich with Maleehah.”

Then suddenly:

“Our rabbit died because he starved to death.”

Along with a picture of the once living rabbit.

Our rabbit did die. But of old age!!!

It struck me that such comments really are worthy of their own post.

Tilly confirmed this, with her addition:

lol! My brother told his teacher that ‘Daddy kicked my teeth out.’ First my parents knew was when social services turned up on the doorstep. Dad and Little Brother had been playfighting and his loose front baby teeth fell out :)

I love this story. Probably because it didn’t happen to me.

So, my question to you is, how have your children shamed embarrassed you? Or, even better, how have you yourself discredited your own parents?


31 thoughts on “Your Stories Request”

    1. When my younger 2 were little I became a single parent and although I worked part time, I tried to spend ‘quality’ time with them, doing ‘fun’ craft activities as often as possible. So when my youngest daughter went on a play date to a friend’s house and his Mum made jelly with them, Leah (said youngest daughter) said ‘Oh are you one of those Mums who does stuff with your children? My Mum works!’ I was gutted!!

  1. When I read your post the only story that popped into my head was one that a friend shared with me. She was working as a trainee teacher and one of the kids had written in their news for the day, “My daddy pissed on the cat” which was accompanied by a lovely wee picture of her, her dad and the said cat. The teacher was horrified and went to speak to her supervisor. This followed a meeting with the said dad who was completely confused and rather embarrassed. He asked his daughter what her story meant and she said, well, remember when we were sitting on the couch and you wanted the cat to come and sit on your knee and you made that noise, pst, pst, pst and patted your knee to the cat and it worked! Lets just say everyone was relieved.

    1. Absolutely brilliant!

      I can really imagine the dad’s confusion and embarrassment.

      Kids take everything so literally. Thanks for sharing such an entertaining story.

  2. Bwahaha! Li’l D’s two at the end of this month, so I have no moments of embarrassment to share. Yet. I do have a suspicion we’ll hear the words “mama farted!” while out and about in the very near future, seeing as my little one is inclined to interpret virtually any auditory stimulus as a fart noise right now. 0:)

  3. Oh, the memories that have come flooding bad to me. I will have to write about one of them soon. Thanks for the inspiration and the giggles that you just managed to create.

  4. Poor rabbit… At least she didn’t say you ate the pet rabbit after it died!
    I think my oldest embarrassed me in public for the first time when he was just under 2 years old. At that time, he still used a lot of French words (he spoke French because he spoke English). We were in a restaurant and the lady in the booth next to us was wearing a large hat. The whole lunch, he kept asking me if she was a real “sorciere” (witch)…
    My youngest is way worse. He spots all the bald guys out there, points at them and yells at the top of his lungs: Look, Mama, he’s bald, he’s bald!
    Kids. You’ve got to love them…

    1. Your eldest started early ;-).

      Kids are so honest aren’t they? My little brother once asked in a loud voice if the person sat next to us on the bus was a man or a woman. I whispered to him to be quiet and that I didn’t know. He said very loudly, “What? You don’t know?”

      ‘The person’ had a really red face as did I!

      I can really imagine that you’ll like this article I wrote when I first started my blog: Grey, grey, silver, grey…

  5. My oldest (4 yrs old) called the police on me because I wouldn’t allow her to wear a dress to the park. She told them I was being mean to her, then she hung up the phone. I explained this to the officer when he showed up at my house and he seemed satisfied. Then the police watched my house for 2 days to make sure we weren’t abusing our kids! A couple years later I was working as a manicurist. I was making small talk with a new client, who told me she was police dispatcher. I told her about my daughter and she said she remembered that call. She was the one my daughter spoke to!

    1. Erica!!!


      I totally love your story!!!

      I am sorry.

      Have you talked it through with your daughter as she got older? Was she mortified?

      OMG, you must have been mortified!

      Fantastic Erica, thanks for sharing!

      1. I was really embarrassed. Then I was mad that the police watched us for 2 days. My oldest is now 19 and totally remembers doing this and even why she did it! It’s made for a fun story to share at family time gatherings.

      2. I’m sure that you were.

        It is a great story to share though, although awful for you at the time.

        The police watching you for two days is incredible. When my eldest was around two she climbed up and took the phone when I had nipped out of the room (to the loo or something). I returned to the room to find her with the phone in her hand, yelled and hung the phone up. It turned out she’d called 999. When the police turned up I thought my husband had been in an accident but they told me there’d been a 999 call from the house. I was really confused at first then it clicked. They insisted on coming in and looking around then gave me a row for letting a 2yo play with the phone. But no one watched me. Poor you!!

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