OK, You Win!

You bunch of peeping thomasinas! (quoting Nancy, award-winning-commenter).

It has taken a bit of juggling as I mentioned in my comments, her masterpiece is on A3 paper, which meant involving my husband and unofficially, his work’s scanner.

And just before you feast your eyes, remember she sadly carefully coloured in the skirt after I wrote the post.

Drum-roll please…

Actually, that would be pretty cool right now, if I were technically minded enough to attach a drum roll RIGHT NOW, as you’re reading.

I’m sure it would be possible, what with YouTube and all that.

But for now, you’ll just have to use your imaginations.

Presenting the Princess and the Penis Prince:


24 thoughts on “OK, You Win!”

  1. You reminded me of a story my brother tells of his son…that they wanted to provide with factual information even at the age for 3-4…so needless to say one day when he and his wife were walking through a store…their son asked a passing lady ” Hey Jady..You got a penis?”…to say they were shock and embarassed is an understatement…me…I just laughed my head off….thanks for reminding me of that…I need to call my brother and remind him. 🙂

  2. Wow, impressive! And to think my oldest distinguishes men and women by the length of their hair when he draws…

    By the way, did you think of taking a photo of your daughter’s drawing to get it in digital format? It would have been a lot easier than scanning a large sheet of paper. Just saying… 😉

    1. We have a slight problem there in that my husband has long hair!! But now that I’m thinking of it, I think she still draws men with short hair…

      I did not! How silly am I?

      1. You’re not silly. The scanner seems like the most logical idea. But I’ve had to document large drawings in the past and that’s how I came up with the camera photo idea. It works quite well with the right light.

    1. Oh. I hadn’t actually looked at the face…

      *Off to look at the picture again*

      You’re right!! I think she is supposed to be in love with him. I’m sure she’ll scheme and get her way…

  3. I love this and I agree with the masses. I have my grandchildren’s art all over my refrigerator…tacky, I know, but then there are all those wonderful magnets to hold them up! What more could I ask for and you have a wondeful artist yourself.

    1. I love art and would love paintings all over the house. Unfortunately for me I can’t afford to buy artworks to hang all over the house. Fortunately for me I have four kids who give me lots of pictures to hang all over the house.

      The 4yo has cottoned on to the fridge and hangs her artwork up there by herself. It sometimes flies off when I walk past/open the door.

      The best grandparents have their grandchildren’s artwork on their fridge. 😉

  4. LOL! Still rotflmao! In an hour I’ll be calmed down to merely smirking uncontrollably. I had to read back a few posts to fully appreciate the budding young artist rendition, which probably enhanced my hysteria.

    We have not had such atomically accurate drawings in our house, but the discussion of “that pointy thing in a boys pants” involved me getting out my medical terminology textbook with drawings. I suppose if you are a 4-5 year old girl, especially with no brothers, it’s a rather foreign concept.

    Thank you for sharing. It made my day.

    1. The picture caused quite a lot of hilarity here too!!

      The artist herself is extremely proud of her piece.

      It’s a great age of discovery. 😉

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