The Wild Wild West

Did I tell you that I love my 101 list?

Yesterday, we bagged another task.

We squished our bottoms in amongst the crowds. And the wasps. And we were then gloriously entertained with gun shots, stunts, dancers, explosions and a couple of particularly hunky brave Indians.

I loved the drama, the sound effects, the corniness. I loved the fact that all of the actors sat at a row of tables after the performance to give autographs to anyone who wanted them.

In fact, I felt so carried along by the whole thing, I ran into the shop and bought each of the kids a memento afterwards. Which is something I rarely do. Remember: four whole kids.

To entertain you, I took a few shots. 🙄

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10 thoughts on “The Wild Wild West”

  1. How truly American. You’re doing so well with your tasks. Envious. I need to get a move on with mine. 2011 is running out….. How will I complete the list before 31st Dec 2011? I have already started compiling the new improved 2012 list….. I love lists that much.

    1. No – you should join us, with a 101 list. I promise Jamie you’d love it!!You could start Jan. 1st!!

      Any tasks you hadn’t yet completed from this year could go on it 😉

    1. 🙂 No.
      Born near Birmingham. Left England when my mum married a Scotsman and lived in the near Edinburgh. A couple of years late spent 18 months in Cumbria. Back to Scotland. Moved about a little once I left home. Moved to Germany 7 years ago.

    1. It was fantastic. I love the theatre anyway, but with the stunts, horses and the buzzard – superb. The whole show took over two hours plus a thirty minute break. It really added to the drama of it all that it all took place outside. Kids are desperate to go again next year now!!

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