The haves and the have-nots

I haven’t so much to report in the form of challenge achievements. Despite the fact that we’re enjoying the summer holidays and I should technically have time on my hands.

It actually appears that time is like sand and flows freely through the cracks it finds in between my fingers.

I still have not managed to:

  • Write up the story instalments from Lori and my spa trip in June
  • Go back to the gym
  • Go swimming even though we’ve had temperatures for many consecutive days of over 30°C
  • Try any new restaurants
  • Work on my book
  • Visit any castles/palaces/museums on my list
  • Find an affordable wine I really like

You may now wish to shake me/slap me/tut at me but I’ll be honest with you and explain that I have been sleeping/attending appointments/dreaming of boring a hole in my own head to alleviate an evil and unrelenting migraine. Finally, I’m free of it. It turns out that at one of those appointments, I was given a medicine which has excruciating headaches as a side-effect. I am thinking of throwing the medicine packet back at the chemist – I had to pay 36 Euro’s for the damn thing – and demanding a refund. Or, I could just stamp on the pills to avoid passing them on to some other poor unsuspecting bugger.

Although not on my list, I have managed to book a little holiday in the south of France for us. 😀 .

And I’ve been to the dentist who joked merrily about “checking my wisdom.” I don’t think it was funnier in German. Though I did give him a nervous, obliging laugh. Turns out my wisdom is still intact. (I laughed quite deliriously at that point).

I also now have three children having their teeth pulled into order by shiny braces, rather than just one.

Which led me to learning how to make mango lassi, that counts as a new recipe, right?

In celebration of a mouthful of metal, we went for brunch. Not my wisest move. I know, despite my apparent wisdom. Picture: dribbling, dissection of food, ouches, non-understandable conversation…

I could have picked a new restaurant to help with my challenges, but I failed miserably by instead opting for a revisit. Sometimes though, it’s good to return to where you know the food is much and reasonable. The toilets are handy and clean. The service is quick.

Akasha loves the breakfast there. Hot chocolate. Bread, butter and nutella. And a biscuit for a little extra sugar.

Sat opposite me, ear-to-ear in nutella, with a little extra dab on her nose, for that face paint effect, previously red dress smeared brown. She noticed two tiny-little tomato seeds fall from my loaded bread, onto my white top. She rolled her eyes and gushed, “Mama, what are you like?”

I’ve watched another film. Johnny English attempted to distract me from my migraine. I do like Rowan Atkinson and can’t believe we’ve had this DVD in the house for years and I’d never managed to see it. All the way through I expected to recognize a scene and admit I had viewed it previously. But no, I got right to the very end without any such realization.

I decided after the last update to take on the challenge of finding 101 101ers to join our group. It’s a big challenge so I am/have enlisted the help of all challengers!!

And you know what? It’s going really well!!

Please welcome:

Silly wrong but vivid right

Thoughts from me

Vicrace Design

And also a very special mention to who actually joined us a while ago. (Sorry again that I’m late).

Now I’m off to watch my sons circus performance, supposedly he’s brilliant at standing on a ball and simultaneously juggling.

Keys – check. Three sisters – check. Hankies (potential proud moment) – check.

22 thoughts on “The haves and the have-nots”

    1. I decided to take up the challenge of allotting myself 101 tasks to do in 1001 days. I asked The Laughing Housewife if she would take the challenge up with me in the form of her own list. She accepted and we then decided we would offer any other blogger who also fancied the challenge to join us. The idea being we would support each other through the challenges. My husband designed us a badge and the whole thing started to build, so much so that I thought it would be a great challenge to find 101 bloggers prepared to join the group and to do their own lists. There are now 16 of us (and another couple are working on their lists).

      Would you be interested in joining us? I can write to you and give you more information!

      1. Yes, sounds a good idea!
        I have family staying with us at the moment, so a little short of time on the PC, but I certainly start thinking of my list!
        It’s funny family are happy to see you sit and read or write a list but the moment you go near the PC we get, why are you on that pigging computer again…or you are always on that pigging computer grrrr

      2. It’s fantastic. You’ll really enjoy it. I’ll write to you properly tomorrow with some more information. Really pleased you’re joining us!!

  1. I think stay-at-home vacations are very unproductive for our 101 challenges. You and I will do better when the kids are back in school. Congratulations on everything else though, including the dentist (interesting German humor…).

    Excited to see new 101 challengers and I’ll have to add them to my list. Planning to do an update by the end of this month, but like you, not much to report this month.

    1. It’s difficult isn’t it? I’ve been sucked along with everything else that’s going on. I don’t want to do certain challenges without my son who has spent all weekdays during the summer being assessed at the clinic – plus I have to pick him up at 4pm!!

      The dentist kept trying out his English on me (normally I see his wife) popping in a phrase wherever he could. Do you get that too (in French, of course)?

      I’m really excited about the new challengers and several others are also typing up their lists right now!!

      I wanted to ask you, are you on Twitter?

      1. I often meet people who’ll tell me, oh I went to Paris 25 years ago and I loved it. Then they’ll say something in French very proudly but I have no clue what. So I often smile and say, nice…

        I’m not on Twitter yet. Should I be? What I am missing?

      2. 🙂 I went to Paris a couple of years ago – and shamed myself terribly with my appalling French!

        I’ll write to you about Twitter.

    1. Yes you can do anything you want that’s not on the list – but it would have been a good challenge. But I have been thinking the holiday itself could go on the list (I still need 10 or so I think).

  2. What are the chances I could get on that ‘101’ list? I think you said before that you would add me, because I was using the badge, but I think that was the last I heard from you. If I’m mistaken, and you want to check out my list, please do.

    1. Hi and welcome!!

      Emma’s linky notifies me whenever anyone joins it. She thoughtfully set it up that way. So I checked you out. I will add you to my list today (I didn’t like to add you without your permission). Great to have you with us, I’ll put you in my next update.

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