What does love mean to you?

The WP prompter asked:

What does love mean to you?

Nine years ago, this week, I met a man as I staggered stood outside a nightclub waiting for my plastered very nice friend to return with the coat she had carelessly abandoned unfortunately misplaced.

She attempted to drag me away from the stranger danger, but I had fallen into his eyes, been sucked into his heart and had begun the fusion of our two lost souls during her short absence.

But that’s not what love means to me.

We kissed. There were fireworks. I slept a mere two hours, then paced the floor for two more, while I waited for his call.

He simultaneously wore footprints into his carpet, until he could wait no more.

Neither is that, what love means to me.

We met a few hours later. We held hands and we talked and talked.

Three years younger than me, he had already decided, he did not want children. I had three.

He had no intention of marriage. Not in his lifetime. He instead had his eye on a Porsche on return to his homeland, Germany. Which would be in a years time.

I felt free. I didn’t need a man. In my bed or holding my hand. The world was my oyster. I had good friends. A happy life.

We smiled and we talked and we kissed again.

After about six weeks, due to work commitments, we couldn’t see each other for a week. We were devastated and had then the first of many, “We need to stop this, this is insanity!” discussions.

Apparently, both completely bonkers, we continued and a lucky opportunity meant his contract was extended for a year.

We decided we’d enjoy our moment.

Some of the moments became sad. We didn’t want to leave each others arms at night, when my children would return.

Some tears were shed.

OK. OK. Only mine. (But he was sad).

And now I’m coming to the love bit…

We had another, “We need to split or be certified…” discussion. But this time it ended differently.

It went something like this: “…split or be certified or get married.”

And I snogged his face off and said, “Yes, yes, yes!!!”

But now for the real love bit.

We married and he answered with four yes’s.

We packed up our flats and moved to Germany. I left most of my belongings behind. But I took all three children.

He agreed to full financial responsibility for my children. He agreed to full emotional responsibility for my children. (And even worse, he agreed to full emotional responsibility for me) (I blame his youth and inexperience).

We bought him a matchbox Porsche. He spoilt us with furniture, toys and an abundance of shoes.

And there’s more.

He attends parent evenings, even though he hates them.

He babysits when I want to go out with my friends, or fly to Scotland for a wedding.

He worries about university fees.

He cooks after a full days work, when I’m having a bad day. Without even a tut of a complaint.

He laughs at my jokes.

He agreed to giving me my longed for fourth child.

He searched high and low for a pink watch for my son for his fourth birthday, because he really wanted a pink watch, and no one else wanted to indulge that fantasy. (Except for me).

He’s taken the kicks, the comparisons to daddy, the tantrums, the mania, the depressions and the frustrations of an ADHD boy. And still comes back for more.

He strides through hormonal outbursts.

He even cleans the loo.

That, my friends, is what love means to me.


31 thoughts on “What does love mean to you?”

  1. What a truly amazing post!!! I have been seeing someone (and falling in love with them) for a while now and we went through a similar start of thinking ”oh, how can this possibly work?! Maybe we should end it!” and now we are head over heals and we are discussing our future together. I truly hope that our future can be filled with such love as it seems your present is.
    Thanks for posting!

  2. Himself and I have a similar relationship to yours… an unexpected relationship that meant each of us has given up or altered other life paths because we figured out that what we really wanted was each other.
    We just celebrated 18 years together and 16 years of marriage and we are STILL that imperfect, perfect fit.

    You summed it up beautifully: …love is in the detail, love is in the little things: like when the baby is crying for the 5th time in a night (and we are both beyond exhasution because it’s been like this for a week and a half ‘cos the kid is teething) and your beloved pats you on the shoulder and whispers “go back to sleep Sweet, I’ll go..”

    THAT’s when you know you have found true Love 🙂
    Beautiful, beautiful amazing post!

  3. I have absolutely no idea who you are (I came over after Linda Poitevin tweeting this), but you made me tear up! That was such a wonderful thing to say about your spouse. *mock faints* You are so blessed to have found someone so utterly wonderful!

  4. What a wonderful post, I loved every word! It was very inspirational to say the least.
    I thought I was the only one with a hub like yours – seems there are two lol!

  5. If your husband cleans the loo, then you’re absolutely right, he’s a keeper! Never, ever let him go!

    Lovely post about the two of you. Looks like this really was love at first sight and it never faded. I’m envious. But happy for you. And happy for your kids.

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