— Are you missing your monsoon? India? Thailand?

If you are, then I know exactly where it is.


Right here. Right outside my front door.

You are very, very welcome to come over and collect it.

Thank you!!

Everything is all upside down and higgledy piggledy here.

We should have glorious sunshine, requiring a factor 50 smothering of sunblock of a  morning. Instead, my babes are throwing on splashy winter wellies and bright yellow raincoats. Over the top of their shorts and t-shirts, that is. (We’re still at the disbelief stage, about the state of our summer).

And can you blame us? Apparently only our village has limitless flooding. Puddles suitable to swim in. (Yet strangely, barren, brown-patchy grass. Or is that just in our garden?).

The neighbouring town, only a ten minute drive away, basks in sunshine. So we looked rather ridiculous turning up there yesterday, in raincoats and winter wellies. The ‘winter’ part of the wellies added to our absurdity, of course.

And another skew whiffed occurrence, is that the fruit flies have abandoned the kitchen bucket area and seem to be following me around in an attempt to find themselves a more juicy victim. Namely me. I blame that Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel, myself.

Then yesterday, while preparing (for three bloody hours) a new recipe as part of my challenges, everything went wrong. The peppers wouldn’t peel, so I heated them a bit more. Then they were so cooked they became all wobbly and unmanageable. The rice had a definite crunch. The cheese did not melt (though my fingers did somewhat whilst trying to peel those bloody peppers). The hyperactive one ran around the kitchen knocking into everyone until a ban from the room was forcibly emplaced by a four-year-old, who stood in the doorway, keeping guard. Which in simple terms meant she yelled every ten seconds: “Is da-da-da allowed in?”

The dish was too salty. Everyone complained and opted for plain bread.

The bucket got filled. Avoidance of which, admittedly, could be another possible explanation for the flies flapping their wings with all their might.

Sorry Body Shop.

So, I’ve prepared one bad meal. Watched two to be recommended films: Amélie (I loved it) and Paul (very funny). I’ve also been on a date with Joni and plan a date in a local restaurant with my husband, tonight. One where they can actually cook edible food.

But wait! There is some super-duper news (OK, I know super-duper is not cool, Kim ;-)). We have a new challenger:

Kiwidutch who has a fantastic list.

And have you read the update from Perfecting Motherhood? She’s doing really well!!

Other 101ers lists are available on the right hand side of my blog.


6 thoughts on “date-Up”

    1. I am totally lost in what’s cool and what’s uncool.

      I’m not sure if it’s living in Germany – where saying a random English word, is just cool. Or whether it’s old age!! (I really hope it’s not the latter)

  1. Wow, 3 hours to cook dinner and it didn’t even tasted good? I would have given up after 30 minutes and gone for pizza…

    Hey, I’ve got a monthly update for my 101 in 1001. You won’t believe how much I’ve had done on the home front! Coming up, hopefully in a post tomorrow.

    1. Well to be fair, it took so long, because we sat together and discussed a menu sampled ingredients etc.

      Looking forward to reading your update!!

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