Sugar and tomatoes

Do you remember the Important poll I did?

(I admit, it was some time ago).

The ‘important question’ came about because I’m disgusted at the mere thought of sugar on tomatoes. And seeing someone actually eat the concoction is even worse. I am forced to convince myself that the sugar is really salt. It helps that they look pretty much identical.

Which reminds me of an incident many years ago…

… When I was a young woman, still at school but nevertheless striving for my independence, I had a part-time job. In a supermarket. In the bakery department.

Generally, all I had to do was pack and label bread. Serve customers. Count leftover stock. Sometimes pop extra unbilled cakes in favourite customers/hunky boys cake boxes slice bread for said customers. Have a laugh with my mates And wipe down shelves.

But occasionally, the lovely bakers would unofficially let us mess around in their kitchen.

For instance, being friendly with the bakers meant I once saw my wobbly, irregularly shaped rolls appear on the rack with the other regularly shaped ones. They didn’t sell. But I still had a ‘proud moment’.

On one occasion, being in a hurry to be somewhere other than work, a baker decided I was trustworthy enough to not only pack and label the rhubarb and the apple pies, but to sugar the lovely warm, aromatic pastries, too.

I waved her off enthusiastically. And set about my business, giving the delicious lids somewhat more than a light dusting of sweet sugar.

I packed and priced each of the sixty apple pies and placed them invitingly around the store.

Then I proceeded on with the sixty filled with rhubarb.

In between I laughed with customers as I sliced their bread and loaded them up with cakes.

I called the information desk to tell them to promote the pies over the tannoy. The evening had rushed by and those pastries still needed to be sold.

I noticed the time, and hurried around in the back of the bakery trying to finish off all the jobs expected of me.

Then I noticed a huge tub on wheels in the middle of the floor. Exactly the same as the one I’d just finished with.

My stomach dropped right out of my bottom because I quite clearly saw the word ‘SUGAR‘ scrawled across the side.

In a blind panic I fled to my tub which plainly stated ‘SALT‘ on it’s exterior.

I blinked.

Started to shake.

And felt rather faint.

Then I set the quickest lap time whilst simultaneously throwing pies in a trolley, known to man, woman or child.

I counted fifty-something pies. My tannoy announcement having done wonders.

I had to restrain myself from grabbing salted puddings from passing customers trolleys in an effort at not drawing attention to myself.

Trying to convince my young mind that everything would be all-right, considering over half of my salty pies were ‘out there’ somewhere, was not easy. But I had more than enough to think about, deciphering a way to remove the remaining, undissolved salt from the tops.

I spotted a brush. The type you use for spreading paste on wallpaper. It looked clean enough and I’d never seen anyone actually using it.

I hurriedly tried to brush off the salt then smothered the lids in as much sugar as humanly possibly, to try to disguise any remaining salty flavour.

Then I rammed the dastardly desserts into fresh packaging, slapped reduced stickers on them and propelled them back onto the shelves like a bat out of hell crossed with the Duracell bunny. On speed.

I did not get my comeuppance. No one complained. No one shoved their salty-should-have-been-sweet-pie under my nose and asked, “What the hell is going on, in these here parts?”

I did not lose my job.

Work just continued as normal, except for one small thing:

I noticed that the bakers did use that brush.

To dust down the walls.


What has that got to do with my poll?

Good question!!

To which I have no real answer, so I’ll march on with the results of the poll which clearly gave me an overall majority, in that 10 out of 17 voters eat their tomatoes with salt.

And NONE (are you listening, husband?) eat tomatoes with sugar! Not even your fellow Germans backed you up.

As WordPress cleverly compiled the results for me, something happened.

Sitting at the breakfast table, one morning, eating her, ‘to exact specifications’ muesli (which is oats, ground almonds, brown sugar and milk, with absolutely no flexibility, normally) our four-year-old Akasha, who I should add, watches over me suspiciously for sneaky ingredient additions every morning, decided to add a special treat to her muesli.

Can you guess what it was?

Tomatoes. 😕

I would not, in a million blogs, have thought to put that in my poll!


24 thoughts on “Sugar and tomatoes”

  1. ROFLLL hahaha, oh dear. I can’t imagine how you felt in that bakery after the salt discovery. Quick thinking with the brush and mountains of sugar!
    And as for the taste preferences of your family? Just let them have their fun and eat yours just the way YOU want it! 😀

    1. I can’t believe no one complained. Over 60 of the salty pies were sold!

      Glad to make you laugh! (still to answer your email ;-))

  2. I was reading this with my hand covering my mouth leaning forward thinking Nooooooo!

    I work in an office. I accidentally shredded a month’s load of work, twice. Fortunately nobody has noticed… yet.

      1. Lol. We could!

        The first time I did it I was so anxious. I was on edge for days until I managed to recover enough to cover my tracks. The second time I did it I just thought “Oh well, I got away with it last time. Here we go again!” I really shouldn’t keep the archives next to the current files.

        Did you get a second chance to dust the pies? Or did you dread them asking you again?

      2. Funny – they never asked me again!!!!

        I was really anxious too, so I ‘get you’! Funny how lackadaisical we become after getting away with something once. 😉

  3. Brilliant experience! (I swallowed the last of my rooibos tea before reading so narrowly escaped the experience of gwawfing if though my nose and onto the keyboard because I was laughing so hard.)
    You sooooo got me with what the brush was used for…. I’m wiping away tears of mirth.
    Yep, I bet that as “customers” there are MANY things for which “blissful ignorance” is a beautiful thing LOL.

    1. I’m a great believer in “blissful ignorance”.

      Another thing we have in common – I love rooibos tea!!

      Glad to make you laugh. The kids always ‘make me’ perform this story when we have guests – I#m one of those mad waving hands people when I talk, and this story seems to always require me to stand up!

    1. Thank you!! I didn’t think of it – but it would fit well as a follow up to the book I intend to write (well have started) and intend to finish as part of my 101 challenges. Will you buy a copy? 😉

  4. I think it’s time you got your daughter some berries to put on his breakfast muesli! She must think tomatoes are her only option. 😉

    As for the salt/sugar confusion, I’m going to make a stereotypical assumption that will probably make all Scots hate it… But would Scots enjoy salt on their pies considering the Scottish delicacies they’re used to eating and nobody else in the world would eat? Just wondering… 🙂

    1. She has taken strawberries once – but didn’t like them because strawberries and milk don’t go?!?!

      LOL! Perhaps that’s why there were no complaints!

      To this day, I can not believe that NO ONE complained!!!

  5. Oh, my!! Quite a predicament but you recovered nicely:) Have not ever heard of tomatoes and sugar myself. My husbands gross/strange thing is coke w/peanuts. It looks like cockroaches swimming in yuck. He says it’s a Texas thing but… NO WAY!

      1. Yeah, and he’s already corrupted one of our daughters, but the other one won’t cross over to the nastiness. Yay for her!!

  6. I agree with you that sugar on tomatoes is a foul idea, salt really is far and away more sensible. However when I was a child, in order to entice my brother and I to eat salad leaves like lettuce, my mother would sprinkle sugar over the whole meal. It was utterly foul and probably contributed a great deal to the fillings I now have.

    1. Yuck!!!

      My aunt looked after me a lot as a child as both of my parents worked. They always put sugar on our banana sandwiches (aren’t bananas sweet enough?!?). Disgusting. My cousin and I still complain about it!

      But on lettuce? That’s even worse!! (You have my sympathy)

  7. Sorry, I got lost in a trance after you mentioned ‘hunky boys boxes’……..

    Great post. Very funny. I love the comedy of you running around trying to sort out your problem.

  8. Absolutely hysterical!

    Actually, if I have tomatoes which aren’t quite ripe (say in the Uk, rarely at home) they can be really helped out by a judicious sprinkle of sugar… they are, after all, fruit. 🙂

  9. I don’t eat sugar on cold tomatoes but always add a pinch when cooking them – and I make tomato jam which has LOADs of sugar in so…. it can’t be that bad can it?

    1. I’ve never heard of tomato jam before. Does that mean I’ve led a sheltered life?

      And yes, I sometimes use sugar when cooking them – though if I have it here, I prefer honey. *Admits*

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