Birthdays, weddings and challenges

According to Tilly Bud we’re on week 16 of our challenge and I can’t quite believe how large a part of my life my 101 challenges have become. I’m also pleased to announce that as of this week, I have completed twelve tasks in total!!

The last fortnight has been particularly busy: we’ve thrown a rather large joint birthday party (my eldest daughter and I) and I’ve also been to Scotland to attend a wedding, with my youngest daughter.

Through visiting various restaurants in Scotland (four to be precise) and numerous invites from friends, (and the fact that I’m specifically enjoying this task :-D) I have decided to up my restaurant challenge: from 10 to 30.



I hope.

An ecstatic me also received two whole cookery books as birthday presents.

And a floatation voucher.

And while in Scotland I rampaged through carefully selected a few choice items from a discount Le Creuset shop which my bewildered extremely lovely friend introduced me to.

The choice items included a new cooking apron.

I kept having problems with the tie on my old one landing in the toilet.

Don’t ask.

And a small Le Creuset pan. 🙂

To make up for those lovely restaurant visits I have finally been back to gym.


Plus, after trying erm… several, I have found a wine I like. However, I can’t decide whether to put it on my ‘would buy again’ list as I suspect that I cannot afford it. (A generous friend bought it.)


Check out the other 101ers. They’re all listed on the side of my page.


8 thoughts on “Birthdays, weddings and challenges”

  1. Congratulations on getting some of your tasks done. Isn’t it funny we get many done while we’re away from home?

    I’ve been nailing down some of my tasks too, mostly on the home improvement side and it feels really good! I’ll update by early August, since I’m hoping to get a few more things done by then.

    Should I tell you I’m very happy to have joined this challenge? 🙂

    1. I’m really happy that you’re really happy doing this challenge. 😀

      I did not expect to achieve anything really, while away, well, perhaps try a new restaurant – so I’m really pleased. But I do need to get ‘stuck in’ to the writing!!

  2. Your sense of humour is always refreshing. I had not thought of ‘apron strings’ in the toilet for years now. It does happen and I, for one, no longer wear aprons. LOL

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