Life has been even more hectic than usual. In the last two weeks I’ve celebrated my wedding anniversary and there have been birthdays galore. Again.

That’s on top, of course, of doing my challenges and slaving after caring for four harebrained lovely children.

Here’s a selection of challenge achievements:

I took the four kids on the train to the Zeppelin Museum. I opted out of paying for the tour guide ‘head set’, figuring the pace of the guide and the rate that the younger ones would consume the museum, were nowhere near compatible.

Which, of course, meant that I had no clue as to why the museum contained old cars and paintings and not just parts of airships…

Zeppelin Model

I’m glad I went, but I wouldn’t be in a massive hurry to go back. The best part, in my opinion, was an extra exhibition where the kids could take part in scientific discovery. They thoroughly tested everything. Such as  riding wooden wagons along various types of track to see which rolled fastest and which slowest. Including the thirteen-year-old, with her never-ending legs. Later on, I noticed that they were supposed to use wooden blocks on the wagons, not whole bodies.

STOP! (In the process of writing this post, something happened)

At that moment, I glanced out of the window and saw a man carrying flowers. Walking towards our house.

I had been sitting typing away in my towelling robe and my socks.

As you do.

Not suspecting a thing.

Despite the fact that it’s my seventh wedding anniversary and the first time Reini had not given me a gift.

I held my breath.

Dare I believe…?

Then the doorbell rang and I just knew.

I also knew: that I now had to answer the door in a towelling robe and should the wind blow slightly, in the wrong direction, the flower delivery man would be in full view of my front bottom.

But I had no time to dress.

There were flowers at the door.

With my name on them.

So I opened the door and attempted to strategically lean against it, to ensure prevention of such an incident,  but I couldn’t keep it up due to the fact that I had to take the flowers and sign for them.

It was one of those moments when I wished for extra arms.

But the German weather was kind to me and I managed to take the flowers and only reveal a massive grin.

Here’s a picture of them:

What a thoughtful husband

Yes, I did shed a little tear. See what a 101 list can do for you!!! 😀

(Interruption over)

Last Thursday we drove to Austria (sounds impressive, but it’s not really so far away) and watched a falconry display. Beautiful. Though the Austrian weather did not show us kindness. It rained almost relentlessly. In Germany it had been dry, so half of us turned up in sandals.

Still, the squelch up and down the Alps was definitely worth it. I’ll pop a slide show on for you in a few days.

I’m trying to watch at least one film a week and this week Reini and I saw The Next Three Days. It’s one of those films where you know the characters actions are very wrong but you are really willing them to succeed. The film has received mixed reviews, but I have to say, I particularly liked it.

I have noticed, as I’ve been doing my list, that I tend to flit from one task to another. As in, I haven’t completed one challenge, and I’m already starting on a new one. I’m wondering if this is proof of me being an excellent multi-tasker or a sign of a poor attention span?

For instance, I started reading that German book a while ago, but I’ve since shoved that to one side and have this week started a 1000 piece puzzle with my husband. I haven’t done a puzzle in many years and I’m quite ‘in’ to this challenge. I think it’s a nice thing to do together in the evenings sometimes, rather than watch the TV. And at the end of it, we could possibly frame the picture and hang it up somewhere.

It’s a pretty difficult puzzle so we might not ever get that far. It’s a print from Escher and is in only two colours, so we have a real challenge on our hands. It took us about three hours just to do the edges!!

We’ve also made a start on the office. I would like to actually finish that this week, because we are expecting guests at the weekend. So that will give me a bit of a push!

I’m delighted to inform you, that not only is my vegetable patch still alive, but, this week we were able to eat a vegetable that I had grown! A mini cucumber!

Stunning (and not at all bitter)

Look!! Isn’t she a beauty?

I will ignore the fact that hubby described it as “bitter”. But I can’t cross it off my list yet as I had written “vegetables” and not the singular, vegetable.

I had recently been concerned with how I would know when my radishes would be ready to pick. The leaves are now huge, and when I asked a friend he kind of shrugged and looked at me a little funnily. I also wondered why the leaves looked completely different to the leaves on the radishes I buy in the shops.

Anyway, to inform myself I picked a ‘radish’ and discovered, no, it’s not ready and actually, it’s a beetroot.

Shocked, I rammed it back into the hole that I’d yanked it out of.

At least I now know why my ‘radishes’ have large green and purple leaves!!

This week, I’d like to welcome not one but two new 101ers!! (We are becoming a cult ;-))

a gator in dc
Corkscrew boo-hoo

And naturally, please show your support to the rest of the 101ers.


13 thoughts on “Progress”

  1. Wow…loved this many interesting things going on in ur life right now 🙂 the flowers are lovely…and the bathrobe situation is so ‘always dreaded and always probable’ 😉 Lovely bouquet…and thanks for the puzzle idea !!! Happy harvesting and writing and puzzle-solving..nad so much more 😀 Have a great day !!

    1. I love the flowers. The whole thing made me very emotional.

      But my husband would tell you I’m normally very emotional – so there’s no change there then!!

      The puzzle is fab, but in building the frame we did something wrong (the pieces are so similar) and it took us ages to fix it. We’ve got the frame finished and have started the inside now, but I think it will take a lot of time because of the two colour thing.

      The towelling robe – there must be a lesson in there somewhere… 😉

  2. You’re having your wedding anniversary and your birthday in the same week? Lucky you!

    I hear you about going from one task to the other, but I think the point is to get them done. Sometimes we get stuck with one and need to let it sit on the side until we figure out what to do with it. Your brain is actually working on it without you realizing it, very cool!

    Congratulations on the cucumber! We’re been eating tomatoes from the fruits of my labor in the my garden, so I’m pretty happy.

    I’ll have to visit the two new 101ers and add them to my 101 list. Very good news in one single post. You’re right, you can multi-task!

    1. I like the thought of being a good multi-tasker.

      I am a little concerned about leaving my garden to other people as I fly off to Scotland tomorrow. I am not sure who to entrust the job to. Is that mad?

      I had a lovely week, with lots of celebrating!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! You seem to be doing well in raising up your kids and seeing the humour is always helpful. Flowers are always the best gift and men (at least the one’s I’ve had in my life) rarely give them. These are beautiful!

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