I’m just saying…

You know the way, when you’re going on a train journey, with all four children in tow, how you can’t sit all together, in one place?

Well, take it from me, it’s not a good idea to sit the one with a loose tongue, and not an ounce of compassion, at the table, with the complete stranger.


Because should you do that, the likeliness is, that the child will hang off the seat and speak, not whisper, that the stranger has drunk five cans of beer and is smoking.

You’ll find yourself, at first, whispering, and then later yelling (you’re on the journey home and it’s been a long day), “Just sit properly in that seat!” and, “But he’s not smoking on the train!” and “I think he only drank one or two cans.”

Be warned: reasoning with the insensitive one is another bad idea. His curiosity means that he has actually completed a thorough search of the table top bin and knows exactly how many cans have been drunk. And crushed. And rammed into the said disposal unit.

And you’ll find yourself slightly embarrassed, when your own shrieking results in a startled jump from the poor stranger, whose only crime was to sit on a seat and agree to an unknown boy, with an odd fisherman’s hat on, sitting opposite him.

Which certainly didn’t deserve the, “Yippee!! He’s going!!” jubilation as he finally arose from his place.

Poor man. I’m sure he needed a few more beers once he got home.


21 thoughts on “I’m just saying…”

  1. Sounds like the “observant one” would make a great reporter. 🙂 While it probably wasn’t as much fun during, you certainly have given me a chuckle this morning. Thanks.

  2. That sounds just like my kids, my son was the worst for this but his sister once embarrassed me so bad. We were at the hair dressers (Not a place I enjoy really) but I spotted an old school friends mother having a dye job done. I spoke to her for a while until my daughter said, “Mommy, why are you talking to that freaky man?”
    LMHO….I have to laugh about it! It’s the Aspie in them, they really don’t mean to be rude…they just ask questions.
    My Mom always said that I would have kids one day and they would do the same. Now I know what she meant.
    Love and hugs. xx 🙂

    1. Kids are so honest aren’t they?

      Thanks for the story, it really made me laugh! I can definitely imagine one of my kids doing that. 😀

    1. It can be very cool. It can also be awful!! But I prefer it to most other transport types in general, for longer distances.
      Definitely a must try!!

  3. Lol That’s so stinkin funny! I remember my middle daughter being like that when she was younger. You wouldn’t believe… wait a minute, i guess you would. 🙂

  4. Haha, I may not have said the same thing as your son out loud but would have seriously thought it! Yep, kids know how to say the most embarassing thing and it clearly applies to kids of all ages. Thanks for the warning!

  5. I so needed a laugh this morning and am never disappointed when you tell of your family and some of your trips you take or getting ready for them. For myself, when the kids were little I could never see the humor all the time in some things but now when I look back I find that life was at times quite funny after all. Thanks so much!

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