I’m just saying…

You know the way, when you’re going on a train journey, with all four children in tow, how you can’t sit all together, in one place?

Well, take it from me, it’s not a good idea to sit the one with a loose tongue, and not an ounce of compassion, at the table, with the complete stranger.


Because should you do that, the likeliness is, that the child will hang off the seat and speak, not whisper, that the stranger has drunk five cans of beer and is smoking.

You’ll find yourself, at first, whispering, and then later yelling (you’re on the journey home and it’s been a long day), “Just sit properly in that seat!” and, “But he’s not smoking on the train!” and “I think he only drank one or two cans.”

Be warned: reasoning with the insensitive one is another bad idea. His curiosity means that he has actually completed a thorough search of the table top bin and knows exactly how many cans have been drunk. And crushed. And rammed into the said disposal unit.

And you’ll find yourself slightly embarrassed, when your own shrieking results in a startled jump from the poor stranger, whose only crime was to sit on a seat and agree to an unknown boy, with an odd fisherman’s hat on, sitting opposite him.

Which certainly didn’t deserve the, “Yippee!! He’s going!!” jubilation as he finally arose from his place.

Poor man. I’m sure he needed a few more beers once he got home.