Another week

I can honestly brag about this week.

So, of course, I’m going to. 😀

If you read A little teaser you’ll already know that Lori and I went off to a spa meaning I nailed two of my challenges in one.

I can hear you all chirping, “Who’s a clever girl then!!”

Chirp on.

I didn’t do my facial there because I am too skint/tight/afraid of people plucking my eyebrows/.*

*Delete as you see appropriate.

But staying in the hotel meant I tried another restaurant. If you were standing in front of me, I’d high five you right now. But you’re not, so you’ll just have to imagine it.

To top that, I took Joni out for lunch. An opportunity to try out another new restaurant but no, we returned to our favourite sushi bar, one of our favourite haunts. I could attempt to fool you here and tell you that I took her there and introduced her to sushi, as is one of my tasks. But I already told you that it was ‘one of our favourite haunts’ so I kind of gave myself away there.

Actually, the sushi challenge is pretty hard. Turns out I’ve tried out my home-made sushi on most of my friends. Or already dragged them into our sushi bar. So I may have to find some new friends first.

Anyway, talking of food, I’m now off to a restaurant with my husband as our date for this month.

How are the other 101ers doing?


8 thoughts on “Another week”

  1. After seeing a National Geographic special on raw fish…sushi is not part of my diet….but gald you enjoyed the time with your daughter. 😉

  2. I honestly wish I had your energy and perhaps, when I was raising my children there was a bit more but not so now. I admire you and your positive outlook and great sense of humor. Nice to see you at my site. I love yours and try to remember to come to see what you are up to with your growing family. I’m never disappointed. Just watching my oldest daughter wax her daughter’s eyebrows looked positively painful to me.

    1. I balance it all out with lazy days and shouty moments. 😉
      Lack of hours in the day dictates that I’m not visiting other blogs as often as I want to. Do you design the beautiful images on your page yourself?

      Waxing eyeybrows? I feel slightly faint now!!

      Thanks for your kind words!!

  3. Wow, your 101 list is getting shorter by the week, congrats! I’ll give a formal update of mine in early July but I’m getting a few things done, so I’m moving along. With lots of school and schedule changes this past few weeks, I’ll admit it’s been hard to focus on my list.

    1. I’m looking forward to reading your update!!
      I’ll probably be able to do a couple of things in the the next week or so, then it will be end of school mania, more birthday parties and me preparing to go to Scotland for a wedding.

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