Another week

I can honestly brag about this week.

So, of course, I’m going to. 😀

If you read A little teaser you’ll already know that Lori and I went off to a spa meaning I nailed two of my challenges in one.

I can hear you all chirping, “Who’s a clever girl then!!”

Chirp on.

I didn’t do my facial there because I am too skint/tight/afraid of people plucking my eyebrows/.*

*Delete as you see appropriate.

But staying in the hotel meant I tried another restaurant. If you were standing in front of me, I’d high five you right now. But you’re not, so you’ll just have to imagine it.

To top that, I took Joni out for lunch. An opportunity to try out another new restaurant but no, we returned to our favourite sushi bar, one of our favourite haunts. I could attempt to fool you here and tell you that I took her there and introduced her to sushi, as is one of my tasks. But I already told you that it was ‘one of our favourite haunts’ so I kind of gave myself away there.

Actually, the sushi challenge is pretty hard. Turns out I’ve tried out my home-made sushi on most of my friends. Or already dragged them into our sushi bar. So I may have to find some new friends first.

Anyway, talking of food, I’m now off to a restaurant with my husband as our date for this month.

How are the other 101ers doing?