Looking forward

Now, I could try to bluff my way through and tell you that I’ve been actively crossing off challenges this week. But that would be a lie. And I really am the worst liar in the world. My face always gives me away. OK, you can’t see my face. But it doesn’t matter. I’m sure you’d just know

I did watch a Denzel Washington film (I always feel like I should say ‘movie’ if I talk about an American actor) called Unstoppable. It’s based on a train that is speeding along unmanned. The worst part is that it’s based on a true story, which made me feel slightly concerned about train travel. But I’ve got time to get over it as I won’t be travelling by train until er… Sunday, when I head off with Lori to the wellness resort.

*Momentary pause while writer whoops and runs around the room.*

I’ve also been to the gym, tried a new recipe,  er… Blogged and er… Got a new country on my flag counter (taking me up to 52!!)

I’m not worried. Really. I’m not worried at all. I mean, last week, I did really well and next week should go well too. OK. I don’t want to jinx it, so I’ll rephrase that: I hope the challenges will go well next week.

This week has been a success for other reasons though. My son celebrated his 11th birthday and on the same day went to the hospital to start his diagnosis. I can delightedly tell you he’s booked in for a thorough round of tests and not only that, they want him to attend a two-week day clinic. There he would be observed in various environments and also potentially taught how to deal with some of his own issues. After all of that we will be given a diagnosis.

I feel like I’ve been to the Olympics and won the gold.

I have informed my son this is the best possible birthday present he could be given, but he looked at me like he thought I might be a touch disturbed or something!

Today we’re going bowling, not on my list, but on my sons wish list for his birthday. And he has three whole friends who have promised to attend. This is a little miracle in itself, as friends and Aden don’t necessarily fit together.

Wish me luck then. This evening I’ll be supervising seven kids throwing balls around, two with ADHD (and by that time their Ritalin will have run out). 😕

I hope the other 101ers are all doing well this week!


13 thoughts on “Looking forward”

    1. Thank you. They all seemed to enjoy themselves. I particularly liked the bit when one boy threw his ball into the neighbouring alley in the middle of their game 😉

  1. Hooray!

    Just for everything. If, as I suspect may happen, you get bonked on the conk with a bowlng ball, it won’t matter what I say here anyway.

    1. 😀
      I did not ‘get bonked on the conk’ but I did worry somewhat about my feet (and everyone else’s). But all feet came home whole and intact. As did all other body parts.

      The first game was not too bad, then they all were given a bite to eat and a drink (I refused to buy them caffeine fuel drinks – though I took one myself). Then they all had a sudden burst of energy. We lost TWO balls to neighbouring alleys (though one was at least empty at the time). And the boys were skidding all over the floor, and I mean all over, as in the whole bowling centre. There were at least 3 other kids parties there (our kids were the oldest) and they all stood boringly beautifully still and calm.(they couldn’t possibly have had as much fun as our group) 😀

  2. wow! The testing your son is about to undergo sounds great! Good luck with it. Now as for the party and ritalin wearing off ha, ha good luck with that!:) I have been there and let just say it can be interesting…..Joshua is now on the longer lasting form which is called biphentin – the granules can be sprinkled on food as he won’t swallow pills.

    1. Doesn’t it? I’ve been pushing for two full years for exactly this, it’s really hard to have this level of testing but I think our new doctor has been onto the higher doctors in the hospital and pulled a few strings. After I wrote this piece, we went to the hospital for the first test and on the way I picked up the referral from our doctor, normally it has half a sentence written on it, or maybe just even a word. He’d typed (in small print) a whole A4 page of info and really, lots of in depth info. He’d also included the name of the doctor he had contact with at the hospital and when.

      I’m so glad we changed. The last psychiatrist just looked and him, smiled weakly and said things like “No, there’s no support!” “No, there’s no therapy!” “No, there’s no other medicine.”

      I am very pleased!!

      The party was a little nerve wracking at times!!

      How long does that last then? Aden takes two long lasting tabs a day. They should last 6 or more hours, but they don’t. He takes one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I’ve not heard of biphentin. Does it work well for him?

  3. Great news about the tests and glad to hear the party went well. I think that should have been in your challenge list – sounded like a real challenge to me!

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