Tackling a table

I like a good bargain. Well, don’t we all?

On a recent shopping trip at the local supermarket I spotted a special offer table. Basically, it’s two folding legs and a tray that sits on top, which I decided would be very practical. Especially with an upcoming birthday party.

I came home and excitedly (really, I get all shivery with every purchase) pulled the table out of the box and this is what I saw:

Legs and tray (quite simple really)
Legs and tray (quite simple really)

I rushed into assembly mode:

Opening the legs of the table (don't be cheeky)
Opening the legs of the table (don't be cheeky)

Then placing the tray on top:


Then I found the instructions next to the packaging I’d hastily carefully torn off.

Eight A4 pages to tell me:

  • Only to clean my new table with a duster or a damp cloth
  • That it may have a ‘new’ smell?!? (But it will soon probably smell old, like all my other smelly old furniture)
  • It can only take 5kg of weight

And the very best bit of all and I quote:

Warning: Deficient assembly causes safety risks. We recommend having the assembly done only by qualified personnel.

I laughed and laughed.

And laughed some more.

And called my husband through my hysterics, and informed him that the ‘special offer table company’ would expect me to pay someone to come out and put this table together.

My husband looked at the table, then at me and exclaimed that I’d done it wrong because actually my assembly of the table looked like this:

It's the wrong way round, you can see the legs
It's the wrong way round, you can see the legs

Well, at least I didn’t have to pay him.


14 thoughts on “Tackling a table”

  1. LOL 🙂 Health and Safety…they probably had you in mind re the instructions.
    I don’t know I think your interpretation was really stylish.
    PS I just realised I’d not subscribed to your blog 😦 I thought I had!

    PiP 8)

    1. I think they did!! I H & S followed me around I’d probably be arrested… For my own er safety!!

      Welcome new subscriber 🙂

  2. A perfect example of why one should always read the instructions! Some of them are hysterical. Good post! Although your positioning of the top looks much more stable… won’t it just slip off the other way? 🙂

    1. They are, aren’t they?
      Some are even useful too… When we bought our new cooker, the instructions told me to ‘Put a lid on a burning pan’ so now the children and the neighbours are not being entertained with me running through my house and out into the garden with a flaming pan.
      Actually the new hot plate is very cool, whenever something bubbles over, it SWITCHES ITSELF OFF!! I am starting to believe that it’s been designed for me personally.

      No, it’s really stable, the legs sit inside the underneath part of the tray. Quite well thought out except, I can’t get all the legs to fit in. Hubby can in half a second but me… No.

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