Sweet Sixteen

I suspect that God is crying with happiness.

He is celebrating my daughters sweet sixteenth in his own special way.

He knows that our ‘proper’ partying will be done on Saturday.

And aware of my gardening skills, he’s decided to give the garden a good soaking, to ensure that, on the big day, the grass is a luscious green. To convince the bush that I carefully planted with my friend a few short weeks ago, and forgot to water once or twice since, forgives me for my sins and just slurps up the sogginess.

I’m sure he’ll stop those tears by Saturday. Just. In. Time… To let the ground dry out a little, before the pavilion digs in. Right ahead of the guests arriving for cake and barbecued sausages.

I’m positive his joyful, proud, emotional tears will turn into a beam of sunshiny jubilation.

Happy Birthday Joni. You are my sunshine. 8)


10 thoughts on “Sweet Sixteen”

    1. It’s ‘supposed’ to be nice during the day, but there’s a 60% chance of a storm in the evening. Should be entertaining!!

  1. Birthdays of my adult children long since their growing up years are but a memory. Now the milestones are that of my grandchildren and that too is going by much too quickly. Happy BD to Joni and Congrats to you as a mom for helping to bring this far. I hope the party goes well.

    1. Time really flies, doesn’t it? I can’t believe that my first born is already a young lady.
      Thank you for your kind words!!

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