Great news!

The appointment at the hospital has been pushed right forward: to next week.

Fantastic news brought on by events on Friday! So often a silver lining…


15 thoughts on “Great news!”

    1. Thank you. I’m really pleased. Hopefully that means we’ll have a diagnosis by the time the new school starts in September. Fingers, toes, everything crossed.

  1. That is GREAT news! The faster you can get in the better of you and your son will be. Once you are seen keep pushing though for more answers:)

    1. Thank you. Yes, I wanted to change it to something uplifting for that particular post.

      I took that picture at the welcome party we had for Akasha when she was a few months old. We made little cards for the guests and handed them out, they each wrote a private wish on it for Akasha and then attached them to a balloon filled with helium, and we all dramatically set them free simultaneously. It was amazing. We had our address on the back of the cards and a couple of them were posted back to us. One ‘finder’ wrote a letter to wish her all the best for her life.

      I have a lot of wishes for Aden at this particular appointment!!

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