A cat and rat tale

We’ve a neighbouring cat
who likes to kill rats
and leave them as gifts
on the front door mat

I know I shouldn’t treat
such love and affection
with pure rejection

But, in truth,
there is something uncouth
about a stiff rodent
lay there
at the foot of my stairs
I freak out!
I may shout!
Even swear…

Though, I have to admit
as she strides for the kill
I can admire her skill:
the speed of her paws
and those excellent claws
her precisional sight
then her agile flight

She plays with her toy
be it girl
be it boy
carries it around
with no heart
with no sound

When it’s dead
and she’s had enough
she brings it to me:
a small thank you
for the sausage that fell
from last nights barbecue.


26 thoughts on “A cat and rat tale”

  1. Well… I suppose it saves you getting in the pest control people! How on earth do you dispose of them though? 🙂

  2. Yes, I know these “gifts” well, the worst of them were the half-ends of rabbits deposited on the mat outside the door. Sometime you got the back end and sometimes the front end but either way it was always a grisly find even for farm toughened kids.

    Now a whole rabbit… good idea, they cook up nicely, but half ones ?ugh.
    Cats at least have the courtesy to want to share, dogs wouldn’t even dream of it.

    ..or is it just that cats are showoff boastful creatures underneath that “could care less” exterior?

    1. The neighbours cat really likes to share, with the whole neighbourhood in fact!!

      She hasn’t brought us any rabbits, as yet, but we’ve had birds and mice too.

  3. A cat recently killed the dove that was nesting in our backyard and raided the eggs. I wasn’t happy and the kids were horrified. I wonder who was the lucky one to get mama dove at their front step… Now, rats and mice are pests, so I say let the cat have fun!

    1. Oh no!! We had a dead bird here last weekend. Not through the cat this time, it had been thrown out of it’s nest and stood no chance. The children built it a nest, bless them, but it all ended in tears.

      I am glad the neighbours cat is so talented in pest control, but I would prefer her to take her victims elsewhere!

  4. I have many rats
    who are feared by my cat,
    a result I suppose of their
    bites to her nose when she
    inquires of their health through
    the bars without stealth.

    Once last winter,
    I found in my bed (under the covers,
    by my feet–not my head!)
    an ex-mouse.

    My Willow-cat, head mouser,
    was striving to clear the house, her
    domain, of all things rodent that
    left her resplendent, not
    nursing a nose with a
    gash, I suppose–

    but also to offer
    what gift she might proffer toward
    the household support
    (within feline comport).

    That wee dead beastie was
    in her eyes a feast: she
    was proud of her catch
    and, in fairness, her stretch
    and her yawn that night
    were imbued with delight that
    countered my
    loathing and flight for
    some clothing in which to
    dispose of the dearly

    I could only show gratitude
    and shush up the rat-
    itude glaring at me, the
    traitor, as she
    purred at my feet, her
    triumph complete.

      1. Hm. It scans better after a few glasses of wine, I think.

        Your verse, on the other hand, is tight, smooth, and feisty. I look forward to perusing your other poems!

      2. You can click on the header poetry if you want to read some of the older ones.

        Thanks for flowers! It’s a German saying which means thank you for the compliments. But I think it’s much nicer and should be adopted into the English language!!

      3. I mean, REALLY: “mouse” and “house, her?” Worse yet, “beastie” and “feast: she?!” TS Eliot may come right up out of his grave for the privilege of slapping me in the mouth…and who could blame him? One shouldn’t write poems in under 20 minutes.

  5. I have had a road runner who during the summers likes to come to my back patio door and show me his lastest lizard catch…fortunately he doesn’t like to share them…just waves them about to show he’s quite busy. 😉

  6. Hey Mum!
    Really enjoyed the poem, very well written in my opinion.
    But I feel the need to point out to you that Socke is a boy, not a girl! 😉
    Also the fact that we tend to stroke him anyway… -.-* But, as cute as he is, it isn’t really possible not to. ^^
    HDGDL <3,
    Jojo x

  7. My second laugh for today! I have two cats but the only rats/mice they play with are stuffed toys as they are indoor cats but my neighbors cat will bring her tiny Voles still alive with the tail wriggling in its’ mouth. Cheers to your mighty rat catcher but hopefully you don’t get too many gifts. Love this!

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