Another challenge coming together

I am excited.

Very excited.

After much searching/trawling/scrutinizing of the internet, I have not only found, but also booked a mini-break for Lori and I.

Joni and I went to Paris. City of culture, in 2009. We marched through the metropolis. Filled ourselves with French food. And said “Hello” to a mouse in a ‘good’ restaurant.

We braved the Eiffel tower in a thunder storm. Were followed by an indecently, ‘playful’ man through le métro tunnels. Walked past le Louvre and waved. Deciding le Louvre is just too much for a three day trip. So we headed to le Petit Palais instead. And of course, being girls we were magnetically drawn to l’avenue des Champs-Élysées. Being not such conventional girls, we spent most of our time there in car shops. And eating. And taking pictures of random things like motorbikes.

Our bonding trip truly worked. It brought us together. Mother and daughter. Through pubescent angst. And we have stayed together ever since.

Joni needed culture.

Lori needs to relax.

So our trip is to a spa.

I think, actually, I am more excited than she is!

Two nights away in a forest get-a-way. Being pampered. Eating cake. Relaxing in and by the pool.

And most importantly for Lori: attention for 48 whole hours from one parent, with no interruption via other siblings.



12 thoughts on “Another challenge coming together”

    1. I really enjoyed it with Joni. It really did bring us together at a time when it could have all started falling apart. We still reminisce about our trip to Paris!
      One on one time is important, but difficult with four children. I think Lori, who has forever been a middle child will make the most of it!!

  1. I hope it’s a real success and everything you hoped for. Being a single parent I couldn’t do that sort of thing for my two until they were much older. Enjoy.

    1. Thank you. I was a single parent for a while and it’s not easy. I remember not even being able to take one to school until late because another one was vomiting. I am lucky now to have a very supportive husband and it makes a huge difference. x

    1. I am definitely in the need of relaxation, as is my daughter. The place we’ve booked is in the forest, with very little nearby for miles around. I think it will be very calming for both of us.

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