Eurovision Party: Success?

Another challenge is completed!! Last Saturday evening we had a Eurovision Party and I do believe it was a rip-roaring success.

I cleaned and polished and the children, finally prepared flags. I shopped and cooked and Reinhold prepared score sheets.

After two weeks of searching high and low, I finally found cocktail stick flags for the cheese board. I think they must have been left over from the World Cup. If you hadn’t known the Eurovision was taking place in Germany this year, then you wouldn’t have discovered that Germany was holding the Eurovision this year very easily. Unless you live in Düsseldorf, that is. Or you listen to the radio regularly, then you may have just got the slightest hint that something was going on.

The guests arrived from 6pm onwards, the picture of generosity. I rediscovered that they’re amazing cooks. Between us we prepared: tortilla, cous cous salad, home-made bread, wild herb butter, mushroom butter, chilli, Greek salad, salmon quiche, melon wrapped in parma ham, sausage rolls, Swedish cake with cinnamon, dates cuddled in bacon (yum), insalata caprese, baguettes and of course a European cheese board. To top it all off, one guest barbecued German speciality sausages in the garden.

As you may imagine, I was in my element!

And that’s even before the beer and the bubbly started.

We all ate, drank and be’d merry. A few of us danced. Most of us awarded points, based on whatever points system we found appropriate, after another sip… Some of us became rather loud, erm… cheering and booing and laughing and stuff.

I gained at least two kilos.

And I won’t lose them anytime soon, what with the string of invites to breakfast/lunch/dinner…

Someone even drank the Heineken. And the Guinness.

We finished off the night, OK, the morning with chocolates and biscuits from Britain and Belgium.

Then one of the guests even stayed over and helped to tidy up!

The only thing that went wrong was that, after asking the guests permission to photograph them and the party in action, and put those photos on my blog: I forgot to take the pictures!!

Also this week: you may see one or two new challenges on my list. I watched a new film, Die hard 4 only to realise TEN MINUTES before the end that I’ve already seen it. So I couldn’t add it on.

I’ve started a few of the bigger tasks like doing a home therapy with my son and I’ve been looking for a spa to take my daughter to. We’ve decided that that will be our bonding trip.

On top of that there’s some big news: Emma has joined us on our challenge. She’s the person whose blog I first saw the challenge on and I’m delighted that we’ll all be working together. You can see her list at:
A matter of choice

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8 thoughts on “Eurovision Party: Success?”

  1. Oh…it sounds like it was great fun…here I’m just pleased to have a sunny day after so much morning fog…but it is SoCal…so what else would I expect. 😉

  2. Sounds like a great night, I’d have probably been the one to drink the Heinekin!

    Thank you for the mention 🙂

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