Loss of mind, I mean memory!

I am soooo tired.

Every night, before going to bed, I now have to take a tablet. It always has to be taken at night. Right. Before. Bed.

Why do tablet manufacturers do this to me?

Taking tablets, for me, is hard enough. It requires memory. And if I don’t feel the symptoms, I forget I have the disorder. Omit to take the tablet. Then stride back into the symptoms again.

And so I go on.

But now it seems I’m becoming even worse. Now I have to take this tiny, effective, wonderful little tablet. But at bed time.

Just so you understand: I have trouble finding my way to bed at night-time. I have to concentrate hard to remember to brush my teeth. I only know I have to go to the toilet because of the forceful pressure my body exerts between my legs.

And now I am required to remember to take a tiny little pill.

But there’s an additional problem.

I keep picking up the wrong box of tablets in my bleary-eyed state.

I keep picking up my sons box of Ritalin.

I guess, I obsess all day about not forgetting to give him his tablets twice daily.

But at night-time, I hit the kitchen and find myself often standing with a box of Ritalin in my hand.

Shocked and somewhat more awake, I return it to its space on the shelf and find my own box of meds.

Which, for the record, is a completely different colour.

I have tried changing the place the Ritalin lives. No improvement.

Writing, ‘These are your tablets, Sarsm!” on my box.

To no avail.

Sticking a big, pointy arrow on the wall, alluding to the correct medication I should take.

But still, the box winds up, sneakily, in my hand.

I am actually starting to wonder, if somewhere, deep in my psyche, I just have the urge to feel…

Energised! 😉


12 thoughts on “Loss of mind, I mean memory!”

  1. I had the very same problem re the forgetting to take the medication. I ended up keeping my meds in my bedside drawer so they wouldn’t get confused with anything else and they were right where I needed them. Shame you couldn’t have your own wee nurse to do you a private meds round every night and then you would be fine!!! :-))

  2. I put the pills I need to take right next to my toothbrush, as a reminder. It mostly works. Mostly… Do you know you have to do something at least 13 times in a row until it becomes a habit? So until you take your tablet every night, 13 nights in a row, you’ll have to train your brain to remember. And if you skip one night, it’s like resetting the counter!
    Good luck, I feel for you with the tiredness…

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