Eurovision week: the challenge strides on

We’re having a wild week here. Tears. Tantrums (mostly mine). Birthdays. Planning Eurovision parties. Not having flags for said party made. The house is, quite frankly, in chaos (though the towels do look nice in that cupboard). Tummy upsets. Heat wave. Either that or the thermometer’s broken. Did we really hit 32ºC? Smashed glass. Again. Doctors. Nose bleeds. Dying fish. Vomit. Play rehearsals. Tests.

I have been searching everywhere for European drinks. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic. On Tuesday I drove around looking for a Getränkemarkt. A large drink shop. I drove around in my usual way. Taking wrong turnings and exasperating the kids. Anyway, my random driving led me to pass by a store with the name ‘Glöbel Getränkemarkt’. I’ve hit the jackpot, I assumed (easily convincing myself that that must mean ‘Global drinks store’) and entered the shop, filled with the hope of a true optimist.

Just to let you know, I decided a while ago that our Eurovision party should include food and drink from various different European countries. But, I have been having problems making that dream a reality. Having visited several supermarkets, I’ve discovered that nearly all drinks are made in Germany.

(Sorry for the brief interruption, but I just had to run out and bring the washing in, I had put the loud bang I had previously heard down to sonic boom, but the second one made me instead suspicious that a predicted thunderstorm may well be on its way. Anyway, outside, I heard another noise and saw the neighbour hoovering his garden. Sorry, but what kind of mentaller, hoovers their garden? I suspect when they direct people to their home they explain, “Walk past the neighbours from hell’s house, yeah, the one with cobwebs on the fly nets and toys spilling over the lawn (ours) and on to the pristine house, with polished steps and hoovered walls (theirs).”)

Where was I? Ah, yes, drinks. So, filled with excitement, I entered the store to find German beer, German wine, and German juice. After scanning every single bottle in the massive assortment, I finally found an Austrian wine, a Portuguese wine, an Italian wine, Orangina (which I know is originally French, but was produced, so it seems here in Germany, some Russian Berry juice apparently prepared here also by Schweppes (but at least it says ‘Russian’ on the label) and some French Hello Kitty fizzy stuff. It seems to actually be French. I also found a six-pack of Guinness and Heineken. Phew. And that was it. No other European anything at all.

On my return home I complained to my husband about the lack of globalness in the Global drink shop. He had no idea where I’d been, so I fished out the receipt, which highlighted the name Göbel. Ah, so a name, nothing actually stating Global at all then. 😳

These are the types of things that happen when one errs to optimism.

My husband analysed my purchases with a big grin upon his face. Apparently the Austrian wine is from Salzberg, not Salzburg and is actually, well, German. And the Portuguese wine states on the back, ‘German Quality wine’?!?

I’ve decided to dole out the Italian wine, the French bubbly (I found in another shop) and the Guinness first. Then hope that all the guests are so pissed, they’ll not notice that the Portuguese wine is not actually from Portugal at all and when we finally hit the ‘Austrian’, they won’t be able to see the little misplaced ‘e’.

Perhaps, by that time, I can even coerce them into making the still unprepared flags…

Also this week:

I planted a lovely bush in the garden with my friend, Gabi, on Monday. It’s still alive! Probably due to her green fingered influence. I have dutifully watered it every day. So far. Another friend, Frauke, gave an inspired me a couple of cuttings on Tuesday. I planted them as instructed and full of that bloody optimism. But in the spirit of truthfulness, they don’t look so happy. Sorry plants. Sorry Frauke. I keep soaking them with water as I do the small tree that hasn’t grown a leaf in two years. That and sending happy thoughts.

In fact, I’ve been so motivated by all of the outdoor planting, I decided to re-pot some of the houseplants. I believe they are very grateful. Well, they no longer seem to keep throwing themselves on the floor as I walk by, in a suicidal fashion.

And I tried out two new delicious recipes: lemon chicken and tomato, mozzarella and red pesto salad.

Don’t forget to check out how The Laughing Housewife and Perfecting Motherhood are doing with their challenges!


22 thoughts on “Eurovision week: the challenge strides on”

      1. I know for me to be dusting “merrily” it would definitely involve some wine – before and after. I’m sure the party will be very merry indeed.

      2. I’m hoping so. People keep offering to bring food. At first I thought no, we really have enough food, but then the recipes they put forward sounded so delicious. But it will help to mop up all that wine, right?

  1. I’m exhausted! But laughed out loud. Look forward to reading about the party…

    It occurs to me you might actually be OVER watering your plants ??

    1. I went to the gym this morning and now I’m really motivated.

      I don’t think so, it’s been really hot and dry here the earth is even cracking. (And I heard some gardenee types saying that’s what they’re doing so I’m copying them)

  2. I wouldn’t notice the difference between Portuguese wine and German wine, for what it’s worth! Then again, I’m inclined toward drinking IPA, some more IPA, and then washing it down with still more IPA, so my take’s probably not altogether useful!

      1. It is! It’s the abbreviation for “India Pale Ale,” which is a strong, bitter beer. Occasionally I’ll find myself in the mood for something lighter, but 95% of the time I’m having alcohol, it’s in the form of an IPA.

        My mom tried a sip of one once. She spit it out and asked for some water. “You want to drink this stuff?” 😀

      2. I’d probably be with your mum. I’m not a beer drinker, I already find it not sweet enough, so strong and bitter would probably not do it for me. My husband likes a nice cold beer though, especially on a hot day.

  3. Ah, a Eurovision party!!! How simply splendid!!! I love Eurovision, we always watch it with a few bevies and some extremely unhealthy snacks, whilst enjoying Graham Norton’s wryly observed asides, you can’t beat it!!!!

    By the way, next time you’re anywhere near ein Getraenkemarkt, whether it’s Gobel, Global or Interstellar, can you tell me if there is any nice German rose wine in there and if so who makes it. Had a simply marvellous bottle that someone brought back from Germany in 2009, cannot find it anywhere :-(. Cheers, hic!!!

    1. We normally watch it with the kids Lynne. But this year decided to take that one step further. I think that there will be around 20 of us in total. I still miss Terry Wogan to be honest. 😦

      There are masses of wine producers here Lynne. Probably thousands actually. But next time I try a good rose, I’ll give you a shout. Are you a sweet wine drinker, like myself?

  4. We had a similar experience when in a foreign country far away, we found a mango juice that fussy Little Mr. devoured… closer inspection of the label revealed “Made in The Netherlands”.
    Guess what, once home we searched high and low and couldn’t find it here in any shops so phoned the manufacturer, turns out they indeed they do make it here, but solely for export.
    My houseplants sympathise with yours… the main reason my herbs look top notch right now is that I got the plants for Mother’s Day last weekend and they haven’t had time to die yet.
    I was impressed by your selection until you said you bought Heineken… um what were you thinking ? I’m not even a beer drinker and I know how bad Heineken is LOL.
    My suggestion my friend, is to use the Heineken to make a beer batter for one of your international dishes maybe (not that your beer batter deserves such a fate, but it should disguise the taste ok). Completely due to two bloggers (you are one) I decided that I need educating so I’m actually going to watch Eurovision for the first time this weekend!

    1. Unbelievable isn’t it, that they would only export a product? Really odd.
      I have a couple of herb plants there that have now been alive for a couple of weeks (sage and basil) but I bought them in plant form. I really wanted to try and grow something from seed. Really push myself. But if all else fails I’ll go from plant form.

      Heineken is bad? Oh crap!! And hubby has informed me he doesn’t like Guinness!!!!

      Eurovision is at times hilarious, so enjoy!!

  5. Oh, I should ask your neighbor to come over and clean up my house and yard!

    I love your desperate search for European drinks. Sounds like a tough challenge!

    I’ve crossed one item off my task list this week and I’m quite excited about it (especially because I haven’t been doing so well on my daily tasks…).

    1. Wouldn’t that be good. They hardly talk to me (probably because of the cobwebs and scattered toys) or I’d be first in the queue!!

      It has been a real challenge but yesterday I found another foreign bottle skulking in our very own cellar. Can you believe that? I spent all that time looking for European wine and I had one already!!

      Which task did you cross off? (Will be over for a look) Well done you!!

      1. I just updated my LinkedIn profile. It didn’t take long but I had been procrastinating on the project for several months… Otherwise I’ve not done well with my writing. My youngest got really sick this week and I just found out he’s got strep, so he’s had a lot of mommy time, and mommy hasn’t had a lot of me time… Better luck next week!

      2. Oh no, strep is not nice! I hope he’s feeling better soon and no one else catches it.

        Well done on updating your profile. Some of those little jobs don’t actually take long, but the thought of doing them… I bet you felt really good ticking it off your list though!!

        Good luck next week with the writing.

        The Eurovision party was a rip roaring success. I am starting to wake up now and this week I really need to get my teeth into some other work.

  6. Okay! So, I’ll bite. I don’t think I’ve every heard of Eurovision here in the states so could you explain what the celebration is for? I totally love the chaos going on…because it is yours and not mine, of course…and because it does remind me of raising kids. I commend you!

    1. Thank you. We always have some chaos here!!

      Renee, it didn’t even occur to me that some people wouldn’t even know what Eurovision is. So I’m going to write a post about it!!

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