For the love of Mao

I recently noticed a reference to my blog from the very lovely, intelligent, sincere and honest Tilly Bud over at The Laughing Housewife. The quote landing on my blog looks exactly like this:

[…] forget to visit Sarsm and Perfecting Motherhood to see how their tasks are coming along.  If you are interested in […]

Now, of course, knowing all about the loveliness of Tilly, I knew that the quote just looked a little dodgy, and that the missing word Don’t was an accidental miscalculation on the part of WordPress. So in order to show my amusement at the incident, I nipped over to her page and this is what I read:

Don’t forget to visit Sarsm and Perfecting Motherhood to see how their tasks are coming along.  If you are interested in having a go, contact Our Great Leader, Sarsm (she’s the one with control of the widgets). 

She is a great leader, actually: not only was this her idea, she also had the idea of adding a 101/1001 linkblogroll to the right, and she can build Baby Bear cupboards (they are just right for the space they need to be in).

Think about joining us; it really is fun.

I have told you that Tilly Bud is one of the most sharp, capable and perceptive women on the planet, haven’t I?

With my knowledge of Tilly’s great wisdom, I found it only good and proper to tell my family that from now on in my title is Our Great Leader, and from this moment forth, it is what I expect to be called.

My husband responded with the following comment:

“Like Mao?”

This led us to researching the matter on the all-informative Wikipedia. My husband typed in Great Leader then read aloud:

    • Chairman Mao
    • Kim Jong-Il
    • and Gordon Brown?!?

The only name I found of interest was Gandhi.


8 thoughts on “For the love of Mao”

  1. As a British person, you could refer to Winston Churchill, who stood up to the worst dictators in history. And he was quite a humble guy too. Along with Gandhi, my personal pick is Nelson Mendela, who was another master at civil disobedience.

    With a husband and 4 kids, you’re a leader alright!

    1. I thought of Chuchill too, I wonder why he didn’t come up on the list… Especially when Gordon Brown made the list… Perhaps he put his own name on!! 😉

  2. Just type “Our Great Leader” into Google and hit I’m Feeling Lucky.

    You get an article about Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, the Iranian President.

  3. I am gonna go with Gandhi, I am an Indian, so rest is self explanatory.
    Mao regarded highly by China for his revolutionary, strategic chain of commands, is an authoritarian and I am a firm believer of democracy, so we don’t get along.

  4. Seems to me, the title would make you the person that the aliens will come to see when they visit the planet.

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