My tasks

You may well have read about my new cupboard, and if so then you’ll be aware that the tasks are going well. Beam beam.

It has become obvious throughout our search, that I am an optimist. I mean, I knew it before, but cupboard buying, just really slapped me in the face with the information. Every single cupboard I approached was too big. Some by as much as 40cm which meant I was actually estimating the space at home at one and a half times its actual size. Hubby (a pessimist) on the other hand, was almost right, but erred on a little too small. Of course, each time he pointed out a possibility to me, I thought that’s tiny (which is why we had to take a tape measure everywhere we went).

I’ve started my first German novel. One I had been given as a gift some time ago. I misread the opening paragraph as something like ‘…he butchered his sister… and went to a prostitute…’ So I threw down the dictionary and asked hubby what on earth was what. Actually, the lead character had smashed open his piggy bank and then gone on to a prostitute. At least I got the prostitute bit right. So I picked up the dictionary again and am presently on page twelve. I did stop for a moment to wonder though, why my friends are giving me books about prostitutes…

I also watched a film: The Kid, which was horrible, but good, if you know what I mean.

You may have noticed a new list on the right hand side of my page. I’ve listed all the bloggers who are currently taking part in the challenge, with a direct link to their task lists, that way you can check how they’re doing any time you like and offer them encouragement. We are three at the moment, but I have had serious interest from at least another three bloggers.

The blog count, including this now sits at 23/303. Good going for me!!


13 thoughts on “My tasks”

  1. Had to laugh at your translation of the first paragraph of the book…it reminded me of when I was required to read articles at the university in the orginal German…alas I did not know German…but did start dating another student from the German House on campus. 🙂

  2. I admire you for reading your first book in German! I tool 8 years of German in school and couldn’t stand it. I now can’t say or read one bit of German and don’t miss it at all…

    It’s good to read how well you’re doing with your tasks. My first week hasn’t been as productive as I thought (especially on the writing side), but that only gives me a good incentive to do better next week. I managed to not drink Diet Coke on any weekdays though, and that’s a huge accomplishment for me. I can’t wait for Saturday and Sunday to arrive!

    1. Well done with the diet coke!! So you can start ticking off your tasks already. I have a lot of writing to do too. Earlier this week my head was empty then yesterday I had words racing through my mind incessantly, I just don’t have enough time to write them down. I’ve realised I really need to get our office in order so I’m more organised, and so the children know when I’m working and when I’m not. So I added that as one of my challenges.

      I’ve wanted to read in German for a long time. Of course, I do, but not novels. I did start one before but I found it too hard. My German is better now and I think it will improve my grammar and vocabulary. So I think it’s good for me but very difficult (especially because of the grammar and lack of vocabulary) so I decided putting it on my list of challenges would give me the push I need.

      1. The problem with no Diet Coke is that I don’t have the caffeine and therefore the energy to do other things…

        I remember when I learned English as a kid (age 12). The first books I started with were comic trips and it helped a lot to understand the text with help from the pictures. Maybe there are so English comic strips you really like you can find in German. For me it was Asterix and Tintin…

      2. We have some Asterix there, the kids really like them.

        I understand the caffeine I need my fix every day too. Well, er, several times a day actually!

  3. I admire you for reading with a dictionary. With translations like that (probably much more interesting than the original) you will soon be able to add ‘translation’ to your list of tasks!

    1. 😀 I could of course ask Reini every second word, but I think I wouldn’t extend my vocabulary then, mind you, I am hoping there that I actually remember something, just in case I’m writing in pencil all over the book, I don’t normally condone writing in books but this seems like the most logical way to do it.

  4. I meant to say: I’m late this week with my post; fun visitors and not enough sleep is to blame.

    Also, love the idea of listing us at the side. I’m off to copy it.

    1. I’ll probably be the same next week. Eurovision party and guests. Although, I have no idea who’s coming and who’s not. I have invited people though. I don’t think I forgot anyone.

  5. I will definitely be joining you in the 101 things in 1001 days once I am off the crutches and can walk again.
    My 101 list has been reworked several times now and is almost in it’s final version.

    After a bit of thinking “yeah or nay?” I’ve decided not to join “officially” before I’m fit because it will only frustrate me every time I look at the list and see what’s on it that I can’t physically do, and the renovation work and shifting upstairs and downstairs rooms around here at home in the next 4 months will necessitate putting a lot of stuff in storage/boxes whilst Himself sands and paints, so I won’t even be able to start with some of the more “sedentary stuff”. Best to wait.
    Meantime, I’m here in spirit, cheering you all on!

    Good going on reading the book in German!

    1. I’m really pleased that you’ll be joining us once you’re fit. I’m looking forward to seeing your final list.

      Renovating your house, hey? You’ll have to do some before and after pictures, and put them on your blog so we can all be nosey.

      Every cheer is happily received!

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