Mothering Sunday approach

Thank crunchie it’s Friday. Oh sorry Cadbury’s, I mean, the weekend is upon us and I’m truly joyful. Tomorrow I plan to sleep past 7am and the fact that it’s Mothering Sunday on well, Sunday, here in Germany, does not mean, dear slightly smaller ones, that you should wake me at an un-eye-openable-time, bouncing on my bed with home-made/school-made/Kindergarten-made cards either.

Akasha, remember you hid one of your several home-made pictures under the footstool in the kitchen, you know, the one with the stickers on it? I didn’t look. I promise. I averted my eyes from the surprise that you told me all about. I carefully hoovered around the object, eyes half closed, despite your sister Lori having just shattered a good glass, and splinters reaching far and wide. Perhaps you could be careful when you retrieve your picture? Just in case.

I’d also like to point out that I would like breakfast in bed. Yes. But before you start please reread the first paragraph. Eggs are good. But whites should be white. The clue is in the name. Coffee is good. Especially when still warm. Cake in the afternoon is even better.

Massages are welcome. As are fetching and carrying all the items that I request. Taking the position of a footstool, by getting down on all fours, so I have somewhere to rest my weary legs, would be highly appreciated. The remote control is mine. Bubble baths are heavenly. Me cooking dinner is strictly forbidden.

    no other
cooked egg
presents 😀
 thank you!!


12 thoughts on “Mothering Sunday approach”

  1. My oldest brought his mother’s day present from preschool today. It’s a small glass bottle covered with colorful pieces of tissue paper glued to it. We just used to put in the paper flowers he recently made me. Along with his hand made mother’s day card, these are the best mother’s day presents I’ve had so far!
    Happy mother’s day!

    1. Happy Mother’s day to you too! Sounds like you’re off to a very good start.

      Christmas was amazing last year, at Kindergarten, the children got white mugs and drew pictures on them. Akasha carefully drew little flowers on the mug and it was so sweet and she was so enthusiastic and proud when giving it to me that I started to cry. (and I still had another 3 children’s gifts to get through).

    1. So far, looks good, I suspect baking has been taking place in the kitchen. And the biggest one has told me she is now bankrupt after buying me a present. My husband told her it’s not polite to say that, but she didn’t really ‘get it’. So I told her that we are now bankrupt after buying her and two of her siblings birthday presents (three b-days at the beginning of June, we have a second version of Christmas). She answered, “Geil!” Which technically translated means ‘horny’ but is also used a lot to mean ‘fantastic’. I learned the horny meaning first, and that did lead to me feeling slightly awkward at times when I first moved here.
      Anyway, I think I’m supposed to be looking forward to tomorrow!!

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