Babies, babies everywhere

For the last couple of weeks, our four-year-old Akasha has become extremely interested in giving birth. I think the fascination began because a friend of ours has recently had a baby and came to stay overnight, along with her new addition.

Akasha dared hardly let the new-born out of sight. She fussed over her better than any actual mother could. Each time her dummy popped out, it returned to her mouth with such speed and precision, even baby looked astounded. Toys were rattled and hung around, so boredom would not have time to set in. Blankets were re-tucked the moment they were kicked away. Songs were warbled during every moment of consciousness. I suspect, had she a boob, breastfeeding would have commenced, too.

During her 24 hour stint of intense care-taking she even saw fit to tell her siblings and me, her mother, to sit right next to the baby and properly attend to her every need while Akasha would say, need to nip to the loo. In such an instance, we would be left with clear and emphatic instructions on how to take care of the little one, as apparently, only Akasha and the child’s actual mother had a clue about how to tend such a precious bundle.

Since the visit, Akasha has given birth to more than a realistic amount of babies. Having said that, seeing how painless, screamless and efficient her deliveries actually were, I’m not entirely surprised.

And unfortunately, one of her babies (a twin) suffered a quick demise. I overheard her saying, “Baby Annabel, I’ve only had you for a day and you’re already dead!” Her face and tone serious and her accent, fake American.

To be honest, I stood back as I didn’t know quite what to do with that information.

Still, at least it prepared her for today.

I sat in the garden, somewhat distracted and she ran up to me with an invisible mass. I just assumed we were playing restaurants. In my defence, also a popular game at the moment.

But her face fell and her eyes widened as she said, “Mummy you just ate my baby!”

Please note: another baby (also invisible to me) has since been born, and I have followed her instructions to the letter, both not to eat it and not to sit on it!!


10 thoughts on “Babies, babies everywhere”

    1. I think you’re the first person to quote back my work. Very cool. And it is work blimey, hearing yourself thin in this house is almost impossible.

      I’m saving for therapy as I type…

  1. As I read your post, I was smiling from ear to ear! Thoroughly enjoyed reading about Akasha and her “instincts”. Brilliant!

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