Important poll

All excited about my last poll, I thought I’d give you a new one.

Now this is a very valuable and important question, because it will settle an ongoing argument disagreement between hubby and I.

The discussion normally goes something likes this:

Me: Tomatoes with salt = delicious

Him: Tomatoes with sugar, mmm you should try some.

Me: No that’s disgusting. I won’t be tempted. Thank you.

Until yesterday. When he finally admitted that, on eating tomatoes with sugar for lunch, he didn’t find the concoction so appealing anymore.

I thanked God that hubby has, at last, seen the light.

You may notice that I have changed the background since last time. I’m playing. It’s 23:50 on Saturday evening, hubby’s snoring next to me and besides, it’s tomato coloured. It was designed with this question in mind.


11 thoughts on “Important poll”

  1. I didn’t know you could do that!!

    What about we freaks who like our tomatoes nude?

    And where’s your post following up your last poll?

    It’s late; I’m cranky; trying to write two poems before midnight; and jealous of your pretty poll.


    1. Nude tomatoes?????

      Last poll is still collecting votes – well, hopefully.

      If it’s any consolation, I’m cranky too, thumping head, and everyone else asleep. Cheek of it.

      It reminded me of a splattered tomato!!

  2. I’m not grumpy but my foot is, another one still up way past bedtime.
    Salt oh tomatoes? huh what on earth? never!
    Sugar on tomatoes? huh ? also not!
    A little freshly ground pepper?… oooh NOW you are talking to the tastebuds!

    Needless to say I tacked the “What?” box.

    1. Salt on tomatoes is a must try. Yum yum.

      I really don’t like pepper, add it grudgingly to very little.

      The what box appears to be in first place…

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