Congratulations in order

Time for a little excitement. For you to clap your hands and sing hallelujah!!

Yesterday, we found it:

“That cupboard of impossible proportions that will take all of those towels and bedding and fit in the tiny space at the top of the stairs (this task may jeopardise the whole challenge)” (from 101 in 1001)

And we built it.

And it fits. 😀

And it looks great.

Now the bedding has a place to live. It will no longer just hang out on the chair.

That’s right.

And the days are gone, whereby, I’m dodging nosy neighbours eyes as I dart through the house, naked, on my mission, to search for and rescue a towel.

OK. OK. I knew where they were. In the washroom. On top of the washing machine. Un-homed. But I like dramatic effect.

And of course, I could have fetched the towel before I got naked. But normally I forget.

So praise be. Clap your hands. Raise a glass. Turn the karaoke on. Because you know what this means, don’t you?

The other 100 challenges are in the bag!


12 thoughts on “Congratulations in order”

  1. Clap, clap, clap! Cupboard looks great – well done!
    No more excuses now for towels lying around (or for running naked through the house looking for one)!

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