A new addition to our challengers!!

Lots of fantastic news this week. The first being that another blogger has joined Tilly and I in our challenge. You can peruse her very inspiring list here. She intends to start on May 1st. Exciting!

I have completed a task!

Yes, I have added a poll to my blog. It may look quite simple, but to be honest, it was a time consuming task. I continually changed the question, then the answers, then couldn’t work out the technicalities of how to not make it disappear. But finally *drum roll please* it worked! Have you voted yet?

Actually, I quite like it, and I may at some point, do another one!

I bought myself a new cookery book. One down four to go. I love cookery books, especially good ones, so this is a pretty easy challenge for me. I limited myself to five, just because I don’t want to bankrupt us :-).

I started my dates with Joni. We went on a shopping spree. Apparently, that’s the perfect date for a 15 year old. Now we are bankrupt.

I watched two films, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (the children loved it) and yesterday on a girlie afternoon, (involving cutting and pleating endless amounts of hair) Serendipity. A romantic comedy. Kind of sweet. I told my 4 year old to look away during the sex scenes. Afterwards, she told me that she was a bit cheeky and sneaked a peak. Then she informed me that sex is ‘hugging’.

Sometimes it’s quite difficult trying to amuse ages 15, 12, 10 and 4 simultaneously.

I can’t believe it, but I actually posted five blogs. Doesn’t seem like it (but I counted).  Which is particularly good going for the Easter holidays.

The visiting countries and flags have gone up. To be honest, they kind of work on their own. 😀

I have started trying wines, but haven’t found any that I would want to drink again. Though we did finish the bottle, in the spirit of not being wasteful.

Finally, I tried out my first new restaurant, and I even took a picture. I think I’m going to really enjoy this challenge.

I can honestly tell you that I have never eaten in a predominantly pink room before. 🙂

The bad news is that the herb garden has died. Shrivelled. Gone back to seed.

I think I have to work on the ‘watering’ part of my tasks. But I have seeds left and I will persevere.


12 thoughts on “A new addition to our challengers!!”

  1. Try to plant your seeds where they get sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon. That way they won’t bake in the hot sun this summer and your plants will forgive you if you forget to water them once in a while. I said forget once in a while, not every day!

    1. Very good advice. Except one thing, all of our garden is sunny in the afternoon (but you weren’t to know that). But it is good advice because I wouldn’t have thought of it.
      You know the bit that gets me? I grew them from seed, lovingly and they ALL grew. Then I just forgot about them. In an instant. Even though I walked past them 50 times a day. I just failed to notice them.
      I have tried asking the kids to water them, but they drown the poor things. It’s a loose loose situation.

      Still, I will try again. Perhaps they could learn just to shout “Water” as I slink past?

      1. Alright, I really want you to be able to scratch this task off your list, so here’s another suggestion… Plant your new seeds in a planter, not in your garden directly. This way, you can take the planter around and position it in an area that’s sunny in the morning and not the afternoon, or with a little shade most of the time. I’ve seen people plant herbs in really, really cute pots that decorate their gardens.

        As for over-watering, yep, that will kill a plant too… Sunlight and water are a tough balance. That’s why I kind of like gardening, because you need to be patient and careful, but unlike kids, plants don’t whine!

      2. It’s very cool when they’re not dying. I admit. And I kind of like the thought that I could eat something I grew from seed. So far I only managed it with cress. But that’s a start, right?
        We have to be careful with storms here too. We have an apple tree we planted two years ago (it lives on, never produced a single apple but hey it’s alive). It came into blossom last week. Much later than all the neighbours trees (no idea why) and a hail storm at the weekend has obliterated almost every flower :-(. On that point actually all of our plants that do survive (I keep planting, just by chance, I suspect, the odd one survives) flower really late. Ie the daffodils have come up (a proud moment) but have no flower?!?
        I think I need help!!

  2. Oh, I see… Mother Nature likes to play tricks on you! Well, you’re going to have to show her who’s the boss, at least in your backyard. You’re right to keep planting, especially something will start growing. I planted chard last year that never grew. This year one seed sprouted out of nowhere and it’s the biggest plant in my garden. And I have to protect my plants from bugs, snails, lizards, and squirrels… Gardening is quite a test of our endurance!

    1. I promise to persevere. Just today my friend called with a gift idea of buying a bush together and then planting it in my garden together. A very lovely idea, I think. We’ve set a date: Monday. I’m looking forward to it (perhaps I can also take advantage of her green fingers).

      Are you a bug hater too? We live on the edge (and I mean we’re in the third last house) of a nature reserve. Nice, but bugs!! I’m not good with bugs. Plus we live in between two rivers. We have problems with rodents, bugs, snails and storms/hail storms (particularly in summer). Also the weather is really extreme, the temperature changes by 20 degrees easily through the day. Which makes it difficult to know when to plant (in case it gets to cold). I’m telling you all this because I’m totally clueless in the garden and I really appreciate your advice!!

      1. Hmm, I thought you said you live in Germany… We’ve got very big variations in temperature here too, inland from San Diego, which can reach 25 to 30 degrees. This is quite a challenge for plants, and for gardeners. I recommend you visit your local garden store with specific questions. I’ve learned these people know how to deal with local gardening and local bugs best and can be your garden allies!

      2. I do. Right down in the South. In the summer it can go as hot as 40 degrees. So I’ve heard, it hasn’t since I ‘ve been here (6 summers) I think the hottest was 38. Still very hot then. The coldest I’ve experienced so far is -18 which was so cold it actually burned. I can tell you that I didn’t like it. In the spring and the autumn the temperature changes massively during the day. It can be 5 when the kids leave for school and 25 (sorry I can’t locate the degrees sign) when they return home. Which confuses us each day on the what to wear front (especially as a school bag weighs more than a campers rucksack, who’s off on a world tour) and confuses me as a gardener. OK I’m claiming that title. I’m not really a gardener, I just have the gloves, to protect me from the bugs, I masquerade as one.
        Gardening store: good tip. You can tell I’m a complete novice, huh?

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