First ever poll

I have just discovered a feature on WordPress that I had no idea existed. I’ve ascertained that there’s a timer feature, allowing me to set up posts to be published at any pre-determined time I like. Now, how cool is that?

So reader, I’m asking you now for some feedback, in order to identify what time of day you prefer to read my (or any other) blog:


11 thoughts on “First ever poll”

  1. I’m a subscriber so I have your post waiting for me when I open my mailbox…
    …when I actually get to read it depends entirely on the day (and the length of the queue in my mailbox).
    About being able to set up our posts to go at a predetermined time,… *all* of mine are like that, they are all set to post at “01:00” time each day and I have “posts-in-progress” all over the place LOL.
    Some of them I need to work on finding a bit more background information, others I like to mull over and re-work before posting and some need photos sorting out etc.
    I’d be lost without being able to pre-set the date on my posts!
    It’s one of the many reasons I love the WordPress setup so much 🙂

  2. That is cool, didn’t know you could do polls. I voted for “subscriber” because I do subscribe to you, but check in the mornings before work, anytime my boss leaves at work, & any spare time at home after work or on weekends! Guess, I’m addicted…LOL Love this blogging thing & all the good people like you that have met from blogging!

    1. 🙂 I’m an addict too!!! I have started checking my blog before I even eat in the morning, like a first cigarette!

      It’s a cool feature. You can find it above the box you type in, it’s a little circle, next to the music note/star/rectangle. Took me a while to figure out how to use it though. Guess I should have hunted around for a tutorial.

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