Are we ready yet?

We are off to a birthday party this morning. It’s a bit of a drive so I have categorically stated that I want to leave in one hour.

That’s because at midday, the birthday girl has organised a horse-drawn carriage ride for those who want to take part.

Very exciting.

Sod the children. I really want to be driven around town, with the smell of horse pooh wafting up at me, so I’m up nice and early. Trying to have everyone ready on time.

Preparations are so far under way in the form:

  • Four-year-old Akasha has had all of her finger and toe nails painted, in a rainbow of colours, by her eldest sister Joni, has redressed in her dirty dress from yesterday and scrunched up her sunblock filled hair with a headband. My original plan had been that she should have a shower and fresh clothes. Oh well, at least she’s already on the second of her minimal three breakfasts.
  • Aden is finally in the shower. After some refusal. Including a debate on the fact that he had a shower yesterday. Even though my memory does not serve me young man, your greasy hair is a dead give-away.
  • Lori is up, showered and dressed. And has started making a birthday present, on the day, right before we leave, for the birthday girl.
  • Joni has painted nails as she promised, but has now been sidetracked by a good book. Still at least she did actually have a shower yesterday. And she knows exactly what she wants to wear, to go riding!?!?
  • Reini has decided he’ll cut the grass before we go. Which I would guess is a good hours work. Then he’ll need a shower and to work out which route to take…
  • I’m thinking of all the things we need to pack sunblock (three types), pullovers (just in case), present, cake (fortunately two were baked yesterday, though admittedly the delicious smell got to hubby and I last night, and we started eating one, but it’s the thought that counts, right?), insect repellent, small child’s Easter gift, first aid kit, cleaning up stuff (the parties outside), tissues, wallet, party address…

And I still need to have a quick bath. Prepare the damn present. Redress the dirty one. Decide what to wear. Get the boy back out of the shower…

Don’t forget to take the Ritalin. Not me. The afternoon dose for the boy. Put it my bag.

I think I’ll just have a quick coffee first. I suspect I need some energy.


17 thoughts on “Are we ready yet?”

    1. 30 mins after hubby started on the garden I heard him swearing and I knew then we had not a chance in hell of setting off at ten. We left half an hour late but I had purposefully over-estimated how long it would take to get there so in the end we made it in time for the ride.

  1. What fun! I think I will travel to somewhere besides Los Angeles, however, before scehduling my family’s horsedrawn carriage ride.

    1. It was a mad start to the day, but it ended up turning into a very chilled, relaxed kind of day. Children enjoying the horses and ponies and playing in the stream. Adults catching up with old friends and eating cake.

  2. I totally love this! It so reminds me of when I raised my five and of the mishaps involved just getting ready to get out the door. Now I have grandchildren and my
    adult kids tell me their stories and it’s like “deja vu” all over again…might have misspelled that but you get my drift. Go Mom!

  3. *grins* organized chaos huh? 😉 lovely post.
    I always tell my kids the departing time minus half an hour. But they have figured that out over the years, so now I need to smuggle a whole hour.
    Staying calm in these situations is the only option Sarah – as you undoubtedly have noticed already – because whatever you say to hurry them up, it won’t work 🙂

    1. Sometimes I’ve noticed that the rushed getting everyone ready in 20 mins actually works best for us. That way they don’t seem to get so easily sidetracked by other things (like a good book, a computer game, drawing a picture, applying make-up, going to the toilet for a one hour session). I have been known to deposit half dressed children in the car, with a, “Times up! We have to go now!” (Of course, their remaining clothes have also been thrown in the car).
      I’m the worst culprit. I have a tendency to try to cram as much into X amount of minutes as possible, then leave at the deadline. 😉
      I’ve tried telling them an earlier leaving time, but they too, worked it out by now! They catch on pretty quick don’t they?

      1. Yes they do! I’m glad the rushed time ultimatum works for you.

        For me it won’t. My sons are a full head taller than me and would simply pick me up and lock me in the toilet 😉

      2. OK I had to really Laugh Out Loud at your comment.
        I keep telling people I stuck my kids in a grow bag because they’ve grown so much in the past year, perhaps I should start being careful! 😉

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