And up the mountain we climb

Now if you’ve read my previous post you may be concerned that I’m already struggling with my challenge. But I’m very happy to inform you, that that’s not the case. In fact, I’m quite pleased with how things are going:

  • Tasks completed 1
  • Blogs posted (inc. this) 13
  • Maintenance done 2
  • Gym visits 2 OK, I admit this is a bit poor 😦
  • Swimming 2
  • Dates 1
  • Films watched 7 including this week: London Boulevard
  • New recipes tried and tested 4 of which this week 2: kedgeree and banana custard

So the reason I’m feeling so pleased with myself, is because that adds up to 32 events finished and only 28 days have actually passed by since Tilly and I started the challenge.

To top that I’ve also made a start on several of the singular tasks and can see them coming together. The Eurovision Party guests are accepting invitations and we are being bombarded with more and more creative ideas on how to celebrate.

Two friends have asked me to join them tasting the delights two previously untried restaurants have to offer.

I have found a concert that the girls and I would like to attend, we just have to make sure that the timing works with the exam timetables.

The monastery is hosting an event next week, so all being well I plan to be in attendance.

I’ve had offers of recipes to try from various friends. I’ve spotted a Le Creuset pan I really like. The girls and I have started their cook books.

I’ve commenced growing herbs from seed. At first they looked quite tasty, but I admit, I did forget to water them. On several occasions. And they do look like they want to give up the ghost now. 😦

Oh well, at least I’ve read that the flowers at Insel Mainau are blossoming nicely in preparation for our awaited visit. Probably because I had nothing to do with their tending.

On a sad note, the pampas grass looks rather gloomy. Some of its leaves are still pointing in a sort of upward direction, so I’m hoping that the poor thing, what with some assistance from Mother Nature, is still in with a chance.

Can you believe that I’d never before in my life, eaten banana custard? Having eaten it this week, courtesy of a delicious recipe found on Earlybird’s homepage, I have to inform you that I am starting to suspect that I suffered a deprived childhood.

If you haven’t tried it, then click here, for Earlybird’s easy to follow recipe and you’ll have silky smooth custard.

Oh and the kedgeree was yummy too. Well I thought so and Reini too, although the children were less sure.


6 thoughts on “And up the mountain we climb”

  1. Well – that sounds more positive than the previous post which confused me with all those numbers… onwards!

    Thanks for the banana custard plug! so glad you all enjoyed it. Definitely deprived. But don’t worry about it. You still have time.

    1. I wanted to post this one pretty much straight after the last one. But I got sidetracked. I blame those pesky kids. And the sunshine. And roasting that chicken. And the wine… 😀

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