… And at least I can laugh at myself

The WordPress prompt asked:

What rare talent do you have that most people don’t know?

I would have to say that I’m really very musical. Honestly. If you had heard me running up and down the stairs this morning, then you would know that I provide a beautiful percussion background, with my clicks and creaks from various body parts, to accompany the usual morning chaos here.

I am my own regular one-man band. Particularly talented body parts include my knees, ankles, feet and wrists.

WordPress also asked:

Bonus: If you don’t have a rare talent, what talent do you wish you had? Why? What’s stopping you from trying to get it?

Well, as I’ve said I do have a rare talent, but I am somewhat greedy. So, there is a talent which I have wished for, my whole life long, although it is not a rare one. (Makes the fact that I haven’t ‘got it’ even harder to swallow). I have always wanted to be able to draw.

Before you say, “Just practice!” I have. As a child anyway, and now that you know that, your laughter may echo around the room even more resonantly as you read on.

If you were to ask me to, say, draw an elf, it would look exactly like this:

And honestly, I really did try!

Now, I’m thirty-eight-years-old, I doubt my skill can improve much, but my four-year-old, that’s another story, she’s starting out like this:

No, she doesn’t have three arms, the middle one is the arm, and the outside bits are her sleeve.

She’s even initialled it. Bless.
Her drawing really is improving.

Soon, she will surpass me. *Sigh*

But just to elaborate (in case you’re not convinced), I thought we’d attempt dragons. As you do on Monday mornings.

At first, I thought I’d draw mine side on (after looking in a child’s picture book) but it started out like this:

Now you know I’m honest. Because I could have tried to convince you that I was reasonably talented in drawing ducks.

*Please note any talent here is purely accidental.

So, I tried again (after even the four-year-old laughed):

That’s more like it.

Yes, that’s 38 years of experience. Right there.

What’s that?

I should give up?

You’re probably right.

So, I turned my attention back to my four-year-old who, as you might gather, used the very same picture book as me.

I also coached her somewhat.

I should probably stop coaching her now and encourage her older, wiser, much more talented twelve-year-old sister to be her art teacher instead.

Because set the same challenge, Lori impressed us all (especially me) with:


Only 12

No training

And with me as her artistic mentor!


24 thoughts on “… And at least I can laugh at myself”

  1. Wonderful adventure! I love it all. Your girls do have talent ! I still think you you could. I have musical joints, too, only mine don’t have a great deal of harmony..

    1. I felt quite excited about it, so I had to include it. I think it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever drawn. Even if it was supposed to be a dragon. 😉

  2. Aww, I thought your duck was very lifelike! 😉

    Also, your kids definitely show some artistic talent (I hear it skips a generation).

    1. I was totally impressed. Why did she draw it on squared paper though? And she folded the elf up into a little square before she handed it to me?!?

  3. I think the duck shows promise… maybe you could just stick to drawing ducks and maybe geese? Possibly get a job drawing labels for foie gras or confit de canard or something.

    Lori’s drawings are most impressive

    1. 😀

      At first I looked at it and thought, what a shit dragon, then I gulped, what a great duck!!! I didn’t dare add to it because I would have wrecked it. Plus I was actually trying tzo draw a dragon and my four-year-old was laughing at me.

      I think I may frame it. 😉

  4. I add musical groans to my musical joint creaks. Thanks to Tilly’s talent for publicity, I’ve just enjoyed your lovely post. Ducks are obviously your undiscovered talent. And your daughters will go far.

  5. Tell Lori I’m very impressed!!!
    As far as you are concerned: I think you’ve alreadyfound your talent. Just keep on writing – I won’t comment on your duck 😀

  6. I love the drawings, all of them! Funny to day but I used to be a good drawer until high school, when I pretty much stopped drawing. Drawing is not like riding a bike, it’s hard to start over. My four-year-old enjoys drawing a lot so I’ll have to make sure I encourage him to never stop. I hope your daughter keeps going with it too.

    1. Thanks. I was never good at drawing… Until I drew that duck ;-). The little one obsesses over a theme for a while. The latest one is drawing/colouring/cutting out (a little gluing sneaks in sometimes). Before that it was play dough, and before that jigsaw puzzles.

      The 12yo has always like drawing and I hope she always will.

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