Round 2

Well, last Friday I promised you updates on the whole 101 tasks in 1001 days challenge, and by jolly, it’s Friday, again!

So, what have I done with my week?


Well, I have found another couple of tasks to add to my list, one being to make it to 101 countries on my flag counter. I thought it a more hefty challenge, because every time I look the flags have gone up, and I’m not far off 101 already. Just so you understand, the flags counted represent both countries and the American and Canadian states.

I also completed a challenge! 😀 To buy and plant pampas grass. It may not sound much, but I have really wanted one of those plants in my garden since I was a small child. We used to visit my godmother, who had one in front of her house, in her wonderful garden. Now all I have to do is keep it alive. This will not be so easy. My husband describes me as being ‘black thumbed’.

On that note, I have managed to kill another houseplant this week. I was particularly sad about it, as it’s the one my husband and daughter bought me to commemorate the 31st anniversary of my father’s death.

Which was on the 13th of March.


If I set myself the challenge of killing 101 houseplants in the shortest time possible, I would have a second task completed by now. But I’m not going to do that. I try not to be a plant murderer. Despite my apparent ability.

I know the next achievement is not on my list. But I had to tell you about it anyway. I managed to unreasonably annoy my four-year-old daughter this week. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so annoyed, as she told me that I “laugh far too much!”

Considering I read somewhere that: “Laughter is the best medicine” and “Adults don’t laugh anywhere near enough”, I found myself feeling over-joyed (despite angelic Akasha’s harsh tones). I figured that all of that excessive laughing will take me into a long and healthy old age (as well as a happy one). So that makes it an achievement worth a mention.

I haven’t been to the gym. But I promise to go over the weekend. I absolutely promise. Really. I do. I do have an excuse. Honestly. The four-year-old has been at home all week with her hand in a bandage. She has also been entertaining me with a high fever and a strange rash. Thus, we have been entertaining doctors in various settings.

I watched the film ‘Freakonomics’. I had already read the book. The film was interesting, not dazzling, but interesting.

A good friend of mine offered to teach me how to make a Hefezopf (a kind of sweet German bread). So I’m going to take him up on his offer, the task can be part of my 30 new recipes challenge. He tells me it’s not much work, but will take around 4 hours. So we’ll also squeeze in breakfast together.

I held off with some of the foodie stuff until now because I wanted to wait until I found out if I really am lactose intolerant or not. You can read here why. Yesterday, I had the scientific test which came out negative. I am lactose tolerant. So last night we had a cheese fest and drank down some red wine in honor of cheese, milk and all dairy products. We even raised one to the humble cow.

I should probably set one of my tasks as ‘learn why not to drink half a bottle of red on a school night’.


12 thoughts on “Round 2”

  1. I share your excitement to discover that you are lactose tolerant! Excellent news. I am hopeless with houseplants but I agree, one doesn’t set out to murder them, it just happens. (Or perhaps, in my case, they commit suicide)

    Please take pictures and post recipe of sweet German bread – and breakfast.

    1. It’s a shame for the plants but I’m glad I’m not the only one!!

      Now I can try some of your recipes, the thought of no more proper cheese in my lifetime had somewhat weakened my appetite. I promise to take pictures of the bread and the breakfast and post them (especially for you). 🙂

  2. Himself and Kiwi Daughter came back from the allergy specialist yesterday with the news that she’s highly allergic to peanuts. Oh Goodie that gives food allergies to three out of the four of us so far.

    The woman at reception giving out information curtly asked if daughter had been a bottle fed baby.
    Himself was angry at the unsaid insinuation that it was “our fault” for not breastfeeding her long enough to reduce risk of allergy and replied “Yep, she was bottle fed… with breast milk only after my wife returned to work, and she kept it up for 14 months”. Woman’s mouth snapped shut rather quickly.

    Kiwi Daughter is actually *pleased* that she can say she’s allergic to something (9 year olds!) But she probably won’t be once I explain how the EpiPen works.

    GOOD news on your front that you don’t have lactose intolerance, Himself and I don’t have either, but found even so, that switching from dairy to soya products for most things has given us far happier plumbing and better feeling over all.

    Poor 4 year old, no fun being sick/injured .. and clearly she is ill since she thinks that there is “too much laughing” (unless you laugh like a horse, in which case she may be right).

    1. I’m so glad that your husband gave the receptionist what for.

      I’m also allergic to peanuts, but not highly, so tiny traces don’t bother me at all, but if there’s peanut oil or a real nut in it, I know it right away.
      A couple of years ago I went to a French restaurant with a friend and discovered after a few mouthfuls of salad that they’d put peanut oil in the dressing WITHOUT writing it on the menu. I started to feel a scratchy, itchy feeling in my throat and called the waitress over. She asked in the kitchen and then returned to tell me, “It was only a little bit.” I ordered her to take the salad away, but for goodness sake what about people out there who have a serious peanut allergy?

      Sometimes I suspect there are no health and safety officers in Germany.

      Is it properly labelled in the Netherlands?

      Please come back and visit me again, you really made me laugh with your comment about me potentially laughing like a horse. (I think I don’t but I do have one of those loud, I’m enjoying myself sort of laughs) 😉

      1. I’ve subscribed so yes I’ll be back ( that actually means ” you can’t get rid of me now”) 🙂

        For my allergies ( shellfish + mushrooms) I haven’t had a problem with labels since it’s usually obvious, but since the peanut one has only been red flagged since yesterday I will have to do some steep learning curve reading up on product labels.

        Are things properly labeled? I *think* so, but we will be carrying the Epipen around just in case.

      2. Good!! 😀

        Mushrooms – poor you!!

        I know in the UK even the hint of a peanut (such as one of the workers ate a peanut sandwich on their day off) and it’s labelled. Here in Germany, it’s all much more relaxed…

  3. Oh, did I forget to tell you that my nickname is ” Kiwi-plantkiller-Dutch”?

    I feel your pain. (well actually I don’t but my plants do)

    My one and only “success” was a barbarous looking cacti we named “Spike”. He had spines 10 cm long, sadly said spines were at toddler eye level so Spike got rehoused when our kids got past crawling stage.

    1. No, you must have omitted that.

      I will admit I am not too bad with green plants. By that I mean non-flowering ones. But whenever something with a flower arrives here, hubby gives me that ‘look’.

      The ‘look’ shows sympathy (for the plant), amusement (because he knows that it won’t last long, and that I really want it to live, because I love flowers)and a little bit of cheekiness (both because he is just cheeky and because we’re both trying to hide from the kind person who has given me the plant that he or she has just sealed its fate).

      You’re so right, we really have a lot in common. 😉

  4. Hurray for being lactose tolerant! And I, too, understand the plant thing. Right now we have one plant that was given us in sympathy for my father-in-law’s death a couple of years ago, and it’s still alive, but that might be because my daughter and husband look after it. Probably best that I just continue to give it a nod as I pass by.

    1. And I am confident that someday, perhaps in the distant future, your daughter will have very fond memories of your frequent laughter.

      1. I really hope so. Especially as her dad has a great big hearty laugh and lust for fun too. Would be awful for her if she grew being totally embarrassed by her jovial parents.

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