It’s all blood and guts here

You know how in my last post I said, and I quote, “This week has seen… more blood than any person needs to see in their lifetime (that goes for you too, splatter-enthusiasts)”? Evidently I lied. Either that, or I am misinformed.

Because at lunchtime, my fifteen-year-old daughter returned home from school harmed. Her new tights ripped and her knee oozing blood. So much so, that my nursing motherly skills were required to apply a bandage. I asked her what on earth happened and she explained that, she was again, pushed and shoved trying to leave the bus, and ended up falling right out of the stationary vehicle, onto the ground.

A few short minutes ago my son re-entered the house, he’d been outside playing football with friends and ‘got the ball in the face’. As regularly happens during ball games. At least in our family.

Cue nose bleed.

This means I have two children in bandages and one with a blood stained face and top.

I have informed the fourth child to, “Stay still!” for the remainder of the day. Or at least until Papa comes home. Though she hasn’t taken any notice. I suspect she doesn’t take me seriously.


18 thoughts on “It’s all blood and guts here”

  1. I was about to hit the “like” button on this post, but then felt odd saying I “liked” hearing about your children’s injuries. Let’s just say I appreciate your descriptive style in relating your experiences.

    1. I do. And most people think it’s because I have four children, but truth is my life has always been ‘full’. I suspect that you suspect that. 😉

  2. Hallo Sarah,

    ach jemmine….das hört sich nicht gerade lustig an!!!! Aber da habe ich auch viele Erinnerungen an meine Kindheit, vorallem mit meinem Bruder 🙂
    Und der Reinhold auch (Fahrrad + Volkan)

    Liebe grüße Euch Allen


    1. Hallo Cidem,

      hier ist immer was los!
      Meine Kindheit war auch so. Ständig bin ich auf irgend eine Art runtergefallen und auch als Erwachsene bin ich nicht viel besser. 😉

      Bussi an Allen


    1. No. She says that there are just a few idiots on the bus who are difficult towards everyone. The real problem is the bus is so full, that she needs to rely on their generosity in order to pass them.

      1. She tries to normally, but yesterday it was too full. The buses here have two doors, one at the front and one in the middle. At times she can only get on at the middle door. Then she has problems getting back off. She has to get off at the first stop, and very few get off there.

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