First week chaos

Tilly Bud came up with the idea of posting a weekly progress report on our attempts at fulfilling our 101 escapades tasks.

And I, of course, agreed!

My first week started off, well, to be honest not so well. Excited as I was, one week ago, various ‘mishaps’ have occurred throughout the week, stalling my progress.

More info?

This week has seen a trip in an ambulance, mass hysteria (in the confines of the family), more blood than any person needs to see in their lifetime (that goes for you too, splatter-enthusiasts), me embarrassing myself yet again, teenagers wasting the doctors time arguing over who’ll get the first vaccination, migraine, lack of Kindergarten attendance, sock buying en masse, and either the relatively new washing machine or the extremely new tumble drier biting holes in clothes.

Now that you know that, you can be proud of me when I say:

I managed to watch three whole films, without falling asleep during any of them (which pleased my husband no end, because it meant, he did not have a soggy shoulder). The films were:

  1. Burke and Hare. Now I have to say, I quite like Simon Pegg, but I just found this film odd. I love comedy but I didn’t find the subject matter laugh-worthy.
  2. Rocky IV. No. I had never watched it before. No. I will never watch it again. No. I am not glad I watched it. Well, OK, I am a little bit. Because now I have another snippet of information to tease my husband with.
  3. Tangled. I’m not big on the whole cartoon thing. But I liked it. Quite funny and I had a tear in my eye at the end. No one else did, so they all laughed at me. Added bonus: hubby cringing through all musical scenes.

I also started my 30 recipes. I completed one new recipe. Haddock chowder. Delicious.

I didn’t make it to the gym this week. Because of all the chaos. Well, that’s not strictly true. I did walk through the gym. On my way to the hydrotherapy centre downstairs. OK, I went swimming. No, I didn’t swim very much. But I did float about a bit and let myself be massaged by vigorous bubbles.

Actually, I went there all on my own. As the doors opened. For a whole hour. In the warm outdoor pool, there was, at first, no other human around. And I’ll tell you: it was bliss.


11 thoughts on “First week chaos”

  1. I would’ve watched Tangled by now if it wasn’t for the musical numbers. I HATE musicals sooo much. In fact, I cannot emphasis enough just how much I hate them! Also, I have somehow never seen a single Rocky movie! (And they’re not even musicals!)

    PS You got way closer to the gym than me.

    1. We didn’t know it was musical, I suspect had we known, we wouldn’t have seen it. 😉

      I must admit, I feel like a live in a musical at the moment. Four-year-old Akasha sings all day, about every aspect of life. So I’ve learned to switch off.

      As for Rocky – well done!

    1. 😀

      You know I wrote I’d seen enough blood? Evidently I was mistaken; the 15yo came home with ripped tights and a bloody knee, requiring a bandage, after been shoved off the school bus.

  2. What a crazy life you must live. Reminds me of a quote I knew in my earlier life, not not a previous life mind you, just my earlier life. ” Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and wonderful life” not sure who said it, but it looks like you are living your life to the fullest.
    Tangled is a movie I am looking forward to seeing, too bad I don’t have a little one to watch it with. The pool at your gym sounds so wonderful. What gym?

    1. Life should be grasped with both hands and enjoyed. Not at the expense of others, rather, in harmony with them.

      I don’t always have a plan, and even if I do, it sometimes gets diverted or even totally destroyed. 😉 But I keep trying.

      The pool was lovely. You can read more about my gym adventures on It’s all gymslips and muscle men

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