List freak

I like lists
and charts
with boxes to tick
an inventory of choices
to pick

I like organisation
I like collation
of information

It’s hard to see
when you visit me
you have to look
for example:
for a good book

Then you will see
each one
is arranged

You enter my hall
jump over school bags
that lay upon the floor
ignore the mud
on the handle
of the door
gaze past the shoes and coats
and there
just there
on the wall
is a little bit of me
in the shape
of a large white board

With dates
and times
and papers
magnetically aligned

With notes to self
on how to live
and what to buy
who to meet
and when we fly

The writing is on the wall
which doctor I still have to call
how many washes are yet to be done
if I have been an adequate mum
whether the fight against dirt
has been won

I write shopping lists
and menu plans
I note down
if and when shampoo
runs out

But sometimes I confuse myself
at what I seek upon a shelf
a list that guided me
through all the miles
of food-filled aisles
bread and sunflower oil
salt and rice to boil
then strangely, without clues
the baffling word ‘pool’

should I read spool?
But I have gone digital…
I have no need for film at all!
Could I mean paddling pool?
I don’t understand
there’s one in the shed,
above the wheelbarrow
underneath the ledge
beside the cutters for the hedge…

To this day I do not know
and have had to let
the satisfaction go
you know what I mean –
that moment of bliss
that goes unseen
but is felt with full force
as the pen hits the paper
and chalks
the achievement

As the tick
does it’s flick.


15 thoughts on “List freak”

  1. Excellent! The thing I like best about lists is crossing things off.

    I so identify with ‘pool’ – I often write things (in a mix of French and English) and often I have not the slightest idea what they mean.

  2. Reminds me of someone, but who? Oh, yes, i remember now.. me! 🙂 Good job at bringing it across.

    1. You have one too? Mine fills most of the wall and helps me keep my life in order. When the children aren’t drawing on it that is…

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