Today is a very special day for me. My blog is a whole one year old (feel free to shout out and sing, Hip Hip Hooray’s).

As part of the celebrations, from today I am starting a fantastic and exciting new project with the lovely Tilly Bud over at The Laughing Housewife entitled 101 in 1001. Whereby both Tilly and I will try to complete 101 of our own challenges in 1001 days.

Considering some of the tasks I’ve set myself, I have no idea when I’m going to have time to sleep, so it may be that as of tomorrow, all you’ll read on here is a load of old gibberish. 😉

Feel free to check in on my progress at any time by clicking on the tab above labelled ‘101 in 1001’.

The last blog year has been a mass of ups and… actually I’m still waiting for the downs!! So as you might imagine, especially if you know me personally, or if you’ve read more than one post on here (and if you haven’t: run along now and click your way through) that I’ve spent most of my year showing my children my excited face. Being children, they have, of course, learned to mirror it. So on that note, I hope that the next blog year goes as well (or even better) – not for me you understand, but for the children ;-). We don’t want them going around looking all maudlin. Do we now?


24 thoughts on “Blog-o-versary”

      1. So your challenge is to watch 101 films in 1001 days? That is a nice idea!
        Thank you so much for the invitation, but I’m participating in the postaday2011 challenge already, and apart from that have several other blogs to maintain. Plus I’m concentrating on writing a book. Ah yes, and the daytime job 😉
        Because of all of this, I hardly watch TV. There are occasional movies though… can I skip in whenever I want to? And do they have to be new films? 🙂

      2. Hi Marion, I have set myself 101 challenges. Well, actually 71, I’ve still to find another 30. All of the challenges are to be completed in 1001 days and they can be whatever you want them to be. We really like watching films, so one of the tasks I set myself was to watch 101 films in those 1001 days.
        When I write it down like that, it sounds massive and of course it is a big challenge.
        Some of the tasks I have set myself are blog related. You can see what I’ve chosen and why here
        I’ll change the header on my blog because I can see how that can be misleading.

        If you choose to join us we would be delighted! You should pick the tasks that most suit you. Say you picked film watching, you could specify whatever number you liked and make your own rules regarding your own likes/dislikes/circumstances.

        If you’re interested let me know and I’ll help you in any way I can. 🙂

    1. I watched my first of the 101 films last night. And I made it through the whole film without falling asleep. (I had suspected it might actually take me at least 202 days to watch the movies!!)

  1. Thanks for the explanation Sarah. I most certainly will think about it and get back to you. ONE HUNDRED AND ONE goals for the next three years. If that isn’t a challenge, then what is 😉

    1. It’s very exciting. Now that I’ve got the list up I’m finding it truly inspirational. I didn’t feel too well at the weekend so I watched 3 films, but instead of feeling like I didn’t achieve much at the weekend I felt quite the opposite. Puts a different spin on things and helps to motivate me too.

  2. hi sarah! congratulations on your 1st blog-o-versary! I have always thought you were blogging since years ago, but it’s just now that I learn it’s just a year old and yet you have almost 6,000 hits already!

    cheers! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes, since January it’s all taken off here. I have been blogging more regularly and the hits have shot up. I’m really happy about it as you would probably imagine.

  3. Happy Birthday to you….
    Happy Birthday to you….
    Happy Biiiiiiirthday…. Dear Blo-og –
    Happy Birthday to you.

    (Belated birthday bloggy wishes).

    P.S. Spreek je ook nederlands?

    1. I just know you sang this in a really cheery voice. 🙂

      No, I don’t speak Dutch, but the internet contains all kinds of fascinating information.
      Funnily a page called Useful Dutch Phrases has all the usual phrases: please, thank you, I don’t understand etc and then: Mijn luchtkussenboot zit vol paling (my hovercraft is full of eels).

      Is there an eel infestation problem in the Netherlands?

      1. Hmmmm. As most of this country is under sea-level, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to discover that eels are everywhere. But – no, I don’t think so.

        I’ll be avoiding the canal outside of my apartment when I get hime – just in case.

        Keep up the Dutch. That DID make me smile.

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