I am the strange one on the bus

WordPress prompt:

What’s the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you on a bus?

Can I only tell one story?

Story one:

Aged 18, I found myself studying at Heriot-Watt University in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. Or rather, on the outskirts of the city.

My favourite part of the day was the walk back and forth to the bus stop. Especially in autumn. Swishing through the ample leaves.

The walk itself, was long and lonely. Peaceful and calm. Just my friend and I.

My friend being a Sony Walkman.

Yes, I am that old.

Our relationship was something of a love affair that went inevitably like this: I had one tape. Just one. Alannah Myles. And I knew all of the words. Sony would sing tunefully to me at his loudest possible setting. I would sing along, with maximum output, but comparatively out of key.

During the long, lonely walk to the bus stop, Sony and I sang together and sometimes found ourselves breaking into a full-blown dance.

Should another lone walker, on some rare occasion, loom in the distance, we would quickly hide our passion, and proceed towards the bus stop in a composed manner.

One day however, something went wrong.

Sitting on the packed homeward-bound bus (by packed I mean there were even people standing upstairs), I had closed my eyes and sank into the heroic tones of “Black velvet” when I found myself disturbed by a noise. A terrible noise. An extremely loud noise.







That it was me singing…

And whacking my leg.

My face burned and didn’t cool down any when the woman who’d been sitting next to me, took the first available opportunity to go and sit next to someone else.


14 thoughts on “I am the strange one on the bus”

  1. ROFPMSL! Classic 😀 I’ve done the same. Oh the shame.
    Also used to listen to Steve Wright Breakfast Show (oh, look, I’m that old too!) on bus into work and get funny looks coz I was, apparently, sitting giggling to myself with occasional outburts of guffaw.


  2. Epic! LMAO!

    I’ll bet you’ve never dislocated your knee on a school bus (top deck, natch) which a) had to complete the pick-up; b) take the uninjured kids to school and; c) then cart you to A&E, but only after a couple of your mates then got ON the bus to join the fun.

    I still wince at the memory of – ow, support my ankle, will you? – being lifted – ow, ow, ow, OWWWWWW!!! – down those bus stairs by – JESUS, JOSEPH AND MARY THAT REALLY IS ******* SORE!!!! – 2 inept porters. I may also wince a little at the memory of my language as a result. Entirely justified, even for a 17 year-old! 🙂

    1. Nope. That I never did!!! Ouch!!!

      But I did faint getting off a bus once, and as I fell to the ground, sprained my ankle.

      And I did dislocate my elbow once running up a hill, tripped over my own foot and tried to complete the moment with a judo fall (I had tried to tell my mother that I was RUBBISH at judo), fell er… Wrongly and pop! Screamed ow rather a lot myself.


  3. Love it… there are days when I am glad I have my car, and it has air conditioning and I can roll up the windows so I can sing at the top of my lungs. Black Velvet is one of my all time favorite songs and it can only be sung with heart and soul, you have to let it rip. Thank you for a laugh and a smile for today!

  4. Not a bus, but a tram… close enough?

    I got on a tram at rush hour one day and sat in an empty seat in front of a very elderly Indian man. It took me about two seconds to realise that no one else took a seat anywhere near us but were packed in looking uncomfortable a little distance both sides of us.
    It took another one second to realise why.. this gent *stank* of some very very very pungent aroma, it was like curry and spices on mega overdrive. It wasn’t pleasant at all and was totally overpowering. It was a warm day and I think the smell was actually coming out of the pores of this skin.

    I glanced around to see that other passengers were smiling at my predicament, I was in front of the gent and couldn’t move away without it being really obvious that I moving to get away from him.

    One tram stop further and my stomach was turning over so I was forced to try and nonchalantly act as if I were getting off the tram, but move to the back instead.
    By this time all the tightly packed passengers who I moved towards were grinning broadly and a man whispered when I joined them ” we were about to take bets on how long you would last!”

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