My shortest ever post

Akasha (age 4) followed me into the kitchen as I tidied her cough medicine. She looked at me solemnly and stated:

“Danke für das Leben.”

Translated ‘thank you for my life!’

I’m off to buy more tissues.


11 thoughts on “My shortest ever post”

  1. Give Akasha a hug from me! Lisa once said something similar: Danke, dass du meine Mama bist. These are the moments you know you haven’t done everything wrong 🙂

    1. Hug given.
      Today she informed me I couldn’t help her make dessert because I’d ruin it. Apparently life is getting back to normal.

  2. Aw, aren’t four year olds so sweet sometimes?
    (note the “sometimes” LOL)
    I love how they say exactly what they mean and it’s all so “out there” without pretense or games. I also love how they can also make extremely unfunny jokes and laugh like it’s the funniest thing on the planet.
    WYSIWYG kids (What You See Is What You Get kids) Love ’em !!!

    1. It’s an amazing age isn’t it? Currently she is trying to extend her vocabulary with ‘big words’. But she still doesn’t quite understand what they mean, so often says them wronly. Very funny.

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