Wake up sleepy head. No? Go back to sleep instead

I spotted a window of opportunity this morning. And I took it. I seized the day!

Or in real terms, the bed.

That’s right. By 7.30am or technically even 7.25, I found myself already tired out enough to go back to bed.

Having packed three whole children off to school, one, who can go as late to Kindergarten as 9.30, slept on. Giving me the possibility to ‘catch up’ on a block of missing sleep.


I crept back into bed beside my sleeping husband and my sneaky child (who’d already snuggled into the best spot) and tried to stay warm and balanced, on the edge of the bed.

I had a whole hour of potential sleep.


Until a sudden jolt woke the three of us up, 90 minutes later. I must have been in one of those ‘deep sleep phases’ though, because despite my shriek, I managed to fall back into unconsciousness.

Reini on the other hand, had on his responsible head and raced around the house like a non-ADHD-person on Ritalin* and had both himself and Akasha ready in twenty minutes flat.

At this point, I’d like to point out, that we normally take a good two hours to get ready for Kindergarten. Akasha requires 2 to 4 breakfasts, to draw or colour in a picture, a discussion about new shoes, a singing frenzy, a book read and perhaps even a trip out to feed the ducks before entering her nursery.

Akasha, on this whirlwind morning, however, even found time to nip upstairs and say bye-bye to an exhausted mummy before leaving.

The exact conversation went like this:

Me: Bye Akasha. Have a nice day.
Akasha: Bye Mummy. Have a nice day sleeping.

I really wonder what Akasha’s impression of me is. Does she think I stay in bed all day?

I suppose, considering that my son will today finish school at 10.10am (and for the coming Thursday’s because only half of the class goes swimming, the other half are instead sent home), technically, I did spend most of my day sleeping. Sigh.

*In case this is your first visit to my blog my son has ADHD and takes Ritalin (and no, I haven’t tested it) giving me an absolute need to make jokes about our lives as a coping mechanism. Oh, and please feel free to click around as much as you like.


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