It’s all gymslips and muscle men – Part 2

So, I have taken my 75 year old body (It’s all gymslips and muscle men – Part 1) off to the gym again this morning.

I’m sure it’s just something to do with our timing, but there seems to be a huge majority of old people at our gym. Of course, that makes me fit right in ;-).

Firstly, we do around half an hour of endurance training and then go on to the resistance training machines.

Luckily my trainer has allocated me weights of the least resistance. Phew!

I have had a bit of a debate going on with my toy boy husband, who expressed his opinion that I should be doing each set of exercises twice. That is, twice times thirty on each of the resistance machines.


He pointed out to me that is written in black and white on my training program. But I assured him that he’s mistaken. That I have to work towards double exercising.

Though actually, I couldn’t quite work out why the second column of the plan showed even more scary numbers. But I’d just figured those were future goals.

After our first proper training session last week we went for a dip in the thermal pool and I can tell you that surprisingly, the next day I felt really fine.

To reassure Reini, that I was in fact, in the right yet again, I marched over to the trainer this morning, plan in hand and asked him directly.

He looked at me with a look that one gives to, let’s see, a comic genius? And explained as clearly as he could, that I should be doing double exercises.

He admitted I might not be able to complete the full thirty on each machine, but if I could I should the next time increase the weights as shown in the second column of the plan.

After picking my chin up off the floor and squeezing out my handkerchief, I returned to the torture chamber machines and stretched and pulled and pushed and breathed – wrongly and tugged and heaved and almost vomited and struggled out between twenty and thirty exercises on each contraption.

I staggered with my two jellied legs into the changing room.

Still, at least I wasn’t suffering from breathlessness this week because I couldn’t figure out how to program the endurance trainers and was therefore forced to use the most basic setting.


4 thoughts on “It’s all gymslips and muscle men – Part 2”

    1. Ouch is exactly the word I am using today whenever I move any body part. My husband assures me though, that that is a good sign – it means I am growing muscles.

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