Job of my dreams

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Bonus: What is the worst job you’ve ever had? What did you learn from it?

I’m at it again. I’m  answering a WordPress prompt!!

I could suggest to you now that I’m ‘getting good’ but in all honesty, I just couldn’t not answer the question. The answer is so obvious to me. I can’t think of anything I would rather do. Than to write. And if the question poses the word ‘job’, then I would assume I would be being paid for it.

Now, how absolutely awesome would that be?

The worst job I ever had?

Well, I have had a few jobs. Aged thirteen I had a paper round, that lasted er hmm… A whole week. ;-). I had at that time, some difficulty delivering the words to the people.

On my first day, I managed to lose a paper?!? As a result one customer didn’t receive his morning read and called the shop. The manager berated me and I cried because I really had no idea what had happened to the man’s newspaper. My mother scolded me further and frogmarched me to the shocked customer’s house to make a formal apology.

The Saturday arrived and my job detailed I should collect the paper money at the same time as making my deliveries. However, my parents refused permission, lest I should be mugged during my rounds.

I think by that time the manager felt me to be more trouble than I was worth. So my trial week came to an end. And stayed at an end.

By far not my worst job, but it shows that my passage into working life was more of a blunder than a glide.

I think truthfully the crappiest job I had, has to have been working in Superdrug (aged 16). I worked there part time while at school, because I wanted to save enough money to go on holiday to Spain, to visit a friend. Mostly I didn’t mind the work, although standing at the drafty checkout did result in back problems for all of the workers. My reason for hating the job was the management. Two awful bullies who made our work life miserable.

On return from my trip I found another position. Then I wrote to the head office and made a formal complaint against the two managers. They were separated and sent to work in two different branches.

I had learned how to defend both myself and others.

So, what’s your all time dream job?


4 thoughts on “Job of my dreams”

  1. If it’s any consolation I’m fairly ancient – was given a whole lot of newsletters to deliver for a local community organisation. All went well except I delivered about six to the right house numbers, but wrong street.

    I had to grovel to get further copies.

    Your writing’s pretty good – keep it up and you’ll do well.

    Happy blogging.

    1. Thank you! I’m really enjoying blogging, whenever I find the time.
      I guess getting the street wrong is a pretty easy mistake to make. But it’s more one of those look back and laugh stories than funny at the time moments.

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