The glass question

I signed up for Post A Week on the 2nd of January and made myself a promise, I would try to write at least two articles each week, be it poetry or prose.

Encouragingly, WordPress emails me every day with helpful suggestions of themes to write about. Which therefore means, I’ve been prompted thirty times with an idea. And I’ve used a grand total of…

… One.

Now in each thoughtful email WordPress are kind enough to detail that, their idea is just that. An idea. That, of course, I still have the power of free will and I can naturally choose my own topic. But truth be told, I’m starting to feel a little guilty. It’s like someone continually offers me a helping hand and I have the barefaced cheek to slap it away.

So, as the number of days I’ve been committed grows, and thus the amount of carefully thought out recommendations are offered, so too does the level of my bad conscience.

Therefore, on reading today’s question, I shook myself around a bit and decided to answer.

The Question Posed:

“Are you an optimist, a pessimist, or something else?”

I’m not really sure what you mean by something else!?! Is it a trick question?

Just like the other day, when my four-year old daughter, Akasha, ran to the door to greet the postman, shouting, “Yay, there’s a human at the door!”

I stood about feeling somewhat confused I crouched down on the floor laughing hysterically.

What else could I be?

I guess I am the yang to my husbands yin.

But I only say that because he’s a pessimist. And I am an absolute,  100%, positive, glass-half-full-kind-of-girl.

I don’t even understand the concept of a glass being half empty. After all, how can it be half empty if there is still half the content left to drink?

In answer to your question WordPress, I am an optimist. But in all honesty I would describe myself as a realistic optimist. That is: I do have a tendency to think ‘everything will be alright’, but on being faced with a disastrous situation, I am also blessed with the ability to run around in a blind panic.


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