The ‘Hungries’

I set out on the dinner table this evening:

1 whole baguette
1 whole olive ciabatta
1 whole head of lettuce
8 tomatoes
1/2 a cucumber
Some radishes
1 large box of mushrooms (along with garlic, butter and olive oil ;-))
1 packet of feta cheese
Sliced herb cheese
1 tub of goats cheese
Some pickled onions
4 boiled eggs
1 packet of sliced turkey
1/2 a packet of sliced ham
1/2 a packet of sliced chicken

To clarify:my husband is on holiday at the moment, and had been present for lunch – lasagna – and the girls had both had several courses of school lunches, hubby looked at my offerings, shook his head and stated, “You’ve made far too much!”

But, what do I have left over for tomorrow?



Not a grain of salt or a fleck of basil.

Our twelve-year-old daughter actually stated that she’d drink some extra milk to, “Fill up the little hole that is left in my stomach!”

Last year, she grew through four whole shoe sizes and is now the proud owner of a size 42, that’s a British size 9, boots.

I have informed her she’ll either be a clown or a giant.

Please watch this space. It may be in the near future that I am forced to sell one of the four children as a down payment for some more food. And if not in requirement of our daily bread, then at least for some new shoes.


2 thoughts on “The ‘Hungries’”

    1. Like fitting all the groceries in the fridge? It used to be that my man tried to finish off the leftovers – nowadays though he doesn’t get a look in!!!

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